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Tennessee Democratic Party Leaders Trying To Push Out Committeeman Who Made Concerns Public

Sep 27, 2019

A Tennessee Democratic Party committeeman who has been outspoken in his criticism of the organization’s top leader has been asked to resign from a position he holds.

Charlie Clark, one of the representatives of Davidson County at the TNDP State Executive Committee, was elected earlier this year to the party’s personnel committee. But, party leaders are now trying to push him out.

“I think some people would rather have TNDP and TNDP committees operate in secrecy," Clark told WPLN Thursday. "But, I think bringing things and information to the public is important for transparency and trust.”

Clark told WPLN last week he was concerned about what he calls a “lack of direction” from the organization. He also called on Chair Mary Mancini to step down, after claiming she didn't have a strategic plan for the party to move forward.

Other SEC members have either asked Mancini to resign, or to make drastic changes.

But, in a certified letter sent to Clark, TNDP leaders claim Clark has “trashed” the organization.

The letter, signed by Meryl Rice, the chair of the personnel committee, and TNDP Vice-Chair Bob Cowan, ask him to resign from the personnel committee effective immediately.

"As a state executive committeeman and member of the Personnel Committee, you have certain responsibilities," the letter states. "Among them is to bring your perceived personnel problems to the Personnel Committee for review and action."

Rice and Cowan called a letter sent by Clark to the TNDP asking for Mancini to resign "scurrilous."

"You, as an Executive Committee member, have every right to your opinions," the letter states. "However, the place to discuss and address personnel and internal procedures and policy is with the State Executive Committee, not the general public."

Party officials declined to comment, saying it’s an internal matter.

Clark said he won’t resign.