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Tennessee Democrats Elect Nashville Senator As Minority Leader

Dec 4, 2018

Nashville Democrat Jeff Yarbro has been elected to be the new Senate minority leader.

At the Senate Democratic Caucus leadership elections Tuesday afternoon, Yarbro said that, although the caucus is made up of only five people, they represent about 40 percent of the state's residents. 

"And if you think about it from a policy perspective, I think we are speaking for a lot more," Yarbro told the caucus.  "When it comes to the super majority of Tennesseans that want to expand Medicaid, that want these strong public schools, I think we are fighting for those folks as well."

Yarbro was first elected to the state Senate in 2014. He was previously the caucus chair. 

Senate Democrats also elected Raumesh Akbari of Memphis as caucus chairwoman. She's moving to the upper chamber from the state House. When the session starts in January, Akbari will be the youngest member of the Senate.

Also representing Memphis, Sara Kyle was chosen as assistant minority leader, and Nashville Sen. Brenda Gilmore was voted floor leader. Memphis Sen. Katrina Robinson was voted minority whip, giving all five Democrats some kind of leadership title.