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Tidying Up With Marie Kondo? Let Our Podcasts Spark Joy

Feb 8, 2019

Though her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up already had many followers, Marie Kondo's new show on Netflix has inspired many of us in the office to take a good look at our own homes. If you're in the trenches of home organization, Nashville Public Radio has a plethora of podcast episodes to stay with you through every step of the KonMari process.

1. Clothing

Clothing is the first category for sorting. Robert Person, Sr., who was profiled on Neighbors, has taken care of the shoes of Nashville for 70 years.

Listen: "Shine Service"

Robert Person, Sr.
Credit Photo by Jakob Lewis, design by Mack Linebaugh / Nashville Public Radio

2. Papers

Collecting and sifting through papers is likely the most dry phase of tidying up. Use Keeping Score's first classical mixtape to keep you dancing while you throw out those old receipts and appliance manuals.

Listen: "That Sounds Different"

Jesse Strauss, percussionist
Credit Kara McLeland/ Nashville Public Radio

3. Miscellaneous Items

Curious Nashville explains quite a few pieces of miscellany from around the city. For example, a zoo that used to be found in Green Hills.

Listen: "Glimpses of the Forgotten Zoo in Suburban Green Hills"

Conductor Robert O. Ray standing at the end of the Glendale Park streetcar line around 1938.
Credit Tennessee State Library and Archives

4. Sentimental Items

As you parse through momentos, consider advice from the experienced experts with Movers & Thinkers.

Listen: "The Fine Art and Vague Science of Keeping History Alive"

Bradley Hanson, David Ewing and Jennifer Justus at Movers & Thinkers: Guardians of the Past
Credit Tony Gonzalez/WPLN

5. Bonus

By the way, you may make copious use of the recycling bin during this process. Curious Nashville can help you make sure the items go to the right place.

Listen: "What Happens When the Wrong Stuff Goes in the Recycling Bin"

Remember to sort the pile.
Credit Tony Gonzalez/WPLN

All of Nashville Public Radio's podcasts contain a little life-changing magic, if we say so ourselves. And a full playlist doesn't take up any space in your house. Listen for free anytime here on the website, or wherever you get your podcasts.