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Transitioned: 'I Love Music And Like The Law'

Jul 24, 2017

Alison Prestwood was excited to begin her new life’s work. It was 2011. She’d had a great run as a session bass player. But Music Row’s fortunes were flagging. So in her late 40s, she decided to follow in the family business and go to law school.

She spoke to WPLN as part of a series called “Transitioned” about Tennesseans adapting to an economy in flux. Now we’re checking back in to find out what, if anything, has changed for them.

Five years ago, Prestwood and a partner started their own law firm in Franklin. She still plays gigs in cover bands. There are occasional studio sessions to keep her chops — and her calluses. As an attorney, she’s had to create new ones, to toughen herself for a job that often includes conflict, and where justice isn’t always served.

That surprised her. But what surprised her even more was the rewarding turn her music took, once she no longer relied on it to pay the bills.