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Warner Music Brings Jobs to Music City, And They Want Numbers People

Nov 28, 2016

Warner Music Group is beginning their push to fill 175 new jobs in Nashville. And they’re looking for numbers people.

Nashville has long been the creative engine behind some of the music industry’s most lucrative artists. Today, though, as the industry changes, so are the types of jobs that come with it.

"If you love music and you love numbers — the numbers are important — please consider applying for one of our positions," says Warner Music executive Kris Ahrend, who is moving from Los Angeles to head up the company’s new new 30,000 square foot office in Downtown Nashville. 

On Monday, Ahrend outlined the kinds of positions moving to town — accounting, legal, music rights administration. Not exactly the glamorous talent scouts and artist managers we so often associate with working for a big-time record label.

But they do pay. Warner says the average salary for the incoming jobs is $65,000 a year.

And while they have committed to 175 hires — some of them transfers and some new — that number is expected to more than double over the next few years.

Warner Music has had a presence in Nashville with its country label. This new office will more than double its local workforce.

On Nov. 29, the Tennessee State Funding Board is voting on a recommendation to offer $1 million in incentives to the company. The Metro Council recently approved a measure to give Warner $500 per new worker, per year, for a period of three years.