This Week On 91Classical: Featured Music July 8-14 | Nashville Public Radio

This Week On 91Classical: Featured Music July 8-14

Jul 8, 2019

  Each day on 91Classical, amid the variety of the day's playlist, we offer a handful of featured selections at set times.

 With Local Composers Month underway, keep an ear out for local composers featured during these times (they're marked with a star on the chart below), as well as throughout the day. 

  • Breakfast Baroque gets your day off to a light start
  • Lunchtime Local features composers and performers from right here in the Midstate
  • 5:00 Waltz celebrates the end of the workday
  • Evening features take a different tack each night, from music that carries you to a specific spot on the globe to orchestral music first heard in the movie theater.

  Here's what's coming up this week:  

Credit Kara McLeland / Nashville Public Radio

Here's when you can hear local composers throughout the week: 


  • 6AM: Sterling Dakota Forrester
  • 8AM: Michael Kurek
  • 9AM: Christopher Farrell
  • 11AM: Michael Kurek 
  • noon: Larissa Maestro
  • 2PM: Mark O'Connor
  • 3PM: Cristina Spinei 
  • 4PM: Gary Powell Nash
  • 6PM: Tracy Silverman


  • 7AM: Christopher Farrell
  • 9AM: Dave Ragland
  • 10AM: Mark O'Connor
  • noon: Live in Studio C- Christopher Farrell
  • 2PM: Cristina Spinei 
  • 4PM: Michael Kurek
  • 5PM: Michael Alec Rose
  • 6PM: Cristina Spinei 


  • 6AM: Michael Kurek
  • 7AM: Cristina Spinei 
  • 9AM: Julia Tanner
  • 11AM: Bela Fleck
  • noon: Michael Kurek
  • 1PM: Greg Danner
  • 3PM: Edgar Meyer
  • 5PM: Mark O'Connor
  • 6PM: Wu Fei 


  • 7AM: John Mock
  • 8AM: Christopher Farrell 
  • 9AM: Bela Fleck and Edgar Meyer
  • 11AM: Mark O'Connor
  • noon: Michael Alec Rose
  • 2PM: Michael Kurek
  • 4PM: Sterling Dakota Forrester
  • 6PM: Live in Studio C Rebroadcast- Christopher Farrell 


  • 6AM: Tracy Silverman
  • 7AM: Christopher Farrell
  • 8AM: Timbre Cierpke
  • 10AM: Edgar Meyer
  • noon: Kenneth Schermerhorn
  • 1PM: Gary Powell Nash
  • 3PM: Tracy Silverman
  • 5PM: Cristina Spinei 

Local Composers Month on 91Classical is supported by the Hayes School of Music at Appalachian State University.