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Enough's Enough

Jan 31, 2015
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  Before we even get started, we've had enough. And we're not alone. So have Special Consensus, The New Tradition, Patent Pending, Dale Ann Bradley, Exit 13, Wild and Blue, and the Kenny and Amanda Smith Band. While visiting Bluegrassland, by definition, we've got more than enough on our minds, our hearts, and in our souls.  


Jan 17, 2015

It's the act of pressing against something in order to move it away, something bluegrasslanders apparently do, not only incessantly but with exuberant impunity. With the studied assistance of Jeanette Williams, Reno and Smiley, The Country Gazette, and the Resophonics, we'll be pushing carts, pushing plows, pushing on, pushing through, pushing up daisies, pushing the envelope, pushing your buttons, and pushing the pig's foot a little further in the fire.  

Judith Edelman Band Live

Jan 10, 2015

She's been called edgy, funky, darkly brilliant, fully literate, and shockingly good. During the 90s, her band toured all over the world, setting venues ablaze with their unforgettable originals and musical virtuosity. The Judith Edelman band plays live in this special 1998 performance, recorded for the Breakdown.