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Bluegrass Breakdown: Knocking, Part Two

Apr 28, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: It's a sound that reverberates throughout bluegrassland — an often feared, universally dreaded, but sometimes welcome rapping or tapping action on a door or a window that has served as the catalyst for many a fine high lonesome tale or tune. 

With the help of Laurie Lewis, Chris Warner, the Bailey Brothers, the Dreadful Snakes, Lester Flatt and John Hartford, we'll be knocking on doors, knocking around the kitchen, getting knocked down to size and knocking Casey Jones. 

Bluegrass Breakdown: New Releases

Apr 21, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: It's high time to relieve some of the mighty pressure that's steadily building in the burgeoning new bluegrass CD bins. 

We'll be doing just that with a flourish with new tunes from the Price Sisters, Dave Adkins, Ned Luberecki, Claybank, the McLain Family Band, Carnegie Tradition, the Dead South, Rick Lang, Curtis McPeake and Andy May. 

Bluegrass Breakdown: Crooked, Part Two

Apr 14, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: We'll be continuing our meandering, circuitous ways, journeying down bluegrassland's crooked roads and meeting all manner of crooked things — from crooked men and crooked sticks to crooked hollows and crooked smiles. 

The Dixie-Bee-Liners, Trinity River Band, Lou Reid & Carolina, the Bluegrass Brothers, Chris Stuart & Backcountry and Ty Gilpin will be leading the way. 

Bluegrass Breakdown: Crooked, Part One

Apr 7, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: We'll be embarking on an even more curious and circuitous route than usual — jumping headlong into the ... crooked ... side of bluegrassland — an aspect that is replete with great stories, interesting characters, deep wisdom and some of the genre's most enduring tunes. 

RapidGrass, Tim O'Brien, Byron Berline, the Water Tower Bucket Boys and the Grass Cats will be leading the way. 

Bluegrass Breakdown: February & March, 1978

Mar 31, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: We'll be careening back to those bluegrassically rich and significant months of February and March, 1978 when, among other things:

Bassist Bill Bryson and guitarist Joe Carr join Alan Munde and Roland White in the Country Gazette; the City Limits Bluegrass Band, with Lynn Morris on the banjo, regroup as Fire on the Mountain; PBS airs the Grand Ole Opry in its entirety as part of its fundraising efforts; and Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt begin work on their "Trio" project. 

Bluegrass Breakdown: Saints, Part 2

Mar 24, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: It's a lofty title reserved for only the most holy, virtuous or benevolent among us — special men and women are who are welcomed in bluegrassland with open arms. 

With dedication of Doug Dillard, Tony Rice, Tony Furtado and Andy Owens, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, we'll be meeting all manner of saints — from St. James and St. Peter to St. Regious and St. Vrain. 

Bluegrass Breakdown: Cheating, Part 2

Mar 17, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: We'll be embarking on round two of our examination of high, blue and lonesome infidelity, which is pandemic throughout bluegrassland. The genre is replete with songs about walking the floor over the loss of a sweetheart, desperate lovers threatening and/or pleading with a third party to leave their darlin' alone and betrayed mates heck-bent on vengeance. 

Blugrass Breakdown: New Releases

Mar 10, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: The CD bins are filled to the brim and overflowing with exciting new releases and although you may try, there's no escaping their siren-like call. It's an easy affliction to fix, however — your credit card can make short work of it and/or you can listen on as we wade through an hour of high, blue and lonesome excellence 

Prograssives, Part 2

Feb 24, 2018

On the next Bluegrass Breakdown: We'll be running amok on the wild side of bluegrass-dom, featuring groups that meld new-grass, progressive-grass and jam-band, rock 'n roll and Bill Monroe into an irrepressibly hot, bold and adventuresome new life form. It's a new breed of band I loosely refer to as "prograssive." 

Bluegrass Breakdown: Fingers And Toes, Part 2

Feb 10, 2018

On this week's Bluegrass Breakdown: We'll be doggedly continuing our examination of high-lonesome fingers — and throwing in a few toes for good measure. With the musical expertise of Hank Bowman, Ralph Stanley II, Wayne Taylor and the Shady Creek Outlaws, we'll be mashing fingers, pointing fingers, popping fingers, towing the mark, tip-toeing and going toe to toe with the devil.