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Live in Studio C

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Live classical music performances from Nashville Public Radio's Studio C, hosted by Colleen Phelps. Listen live on 91Classical,  Tuesdays at 12:06 p.m., catch the rebroadcast Thursdays at 6:06 p.m., or scroll down and hear archived performances below:


Kara McLeland / 91Classical

Each of the three art songs that local composer David Ragland brought to Studio C were paired with one of his arrangements of a spiritual, a structure that seemed to add meaning to both of the songs in equal measure.

Kara McLeland / 91Classical

Gentle introspection at the piano from composer Cristina Spinei marked the midpoint of Local Composers Month. A change from her usual energetic fare meant for dancing, each piece brought a feeling of calm and stillness.

Kara McLeland/91Classical

Is there a more intense day-to-day frustration than trying to find a parking spot in a crowded lot? Violist Christopher Farrell made productive use of his ire over that exact situation.

Kara McLeland/Nashville Public Radio

Composer Patrick Dunnevant's three pieces all celebrated important milestones in his life. Put together they made a beautiful launch for Live in Studio C's celebration of Local Composers Month. 

Nina Cardona / Nashville Public Radio

Guitarist and composer Jonathan Sargent has a new album of his own music on the Naxos label, called Little Cathedrals. The melodies are inspired by the music of Spain and Latin America and the great cathedrals of Europe. It's a mix of guitar solos of and pieces for chamber ensembles; for Live in Studio C, all accompaniment was provided by Jeff Taylor on accordion.

Kara McLeland/Nashville Public Radio

Six American folk songs gently filled the room as the Borderless Arts Blair School of Music Dulcimer Choir spent the day in Studio C.

Kara McLeland/Nashville Public Radio

This oratorio, performed by Portara Ensemble, tells the story of Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers by following the journey of one patient from her diagnosis. Poems from Dickinson and Rilke are set alongside poems by those touched by the disease.

Kara McLeland/Nashville Public Radio

Composers Schulhoff, Schoenberg, and Shostakovitch all experienced the concentration camps of Nazi Germany in some way - either themselves, or through friends. The three pieces that the TN Governor's School of the Arts faculty presented all related to this harrowing experience.

This might be a first for Live in Studio C: because of the use of electronics, the musicians could not actually experience their own performance from inside of Studio C. Use of sensory percussion alongside two acoustic instruments led to essentially two concerts happening at once: one that the players could hear, and one that was balanced for broadcast.

Kara McLeland/Nashville Public Radio

Alias Chamber Ensemble's upcoming concert features music that was seen as revolutionary when it premiered. In this first of two previews Alias sent the quartet that we fondly know as Cheap Trills, who brought music from JS Bach's Matthäus-Passion - a piece from 1727.