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The Moth Radio Hour

Mondays at 7:00 p.m.

The Moth Radio Hour is a weekly program that is dedicated to promoting the art of storytelling. One goal of The Moth is to present the finest storytellers among established and emerging writers, performers and artists; another is to encourage storytelling among populations whose stories often go unheard.

The Places We Tell Our Stories

Oct 2, 2018
Larry Kerr
Photo by Libby Lewis

Edgar Oliver 
sets the mood in Greenwood Cemetery.

Sheri Holman is convinced a curse has latched onto her family and life.

Larry Kerr concocts a plan for love amidst the rage of war.

Anoush Froundjian parts from her reserved lifestyle to see how the other half lives.

Squeaky Wheels

Sep 26, 2018
R. Eric Thomas
Photo by Ilana Wurman

R. Eric Thomas pens a satire for his college paper with unintended consequences.

Annie Tan stokes the fire of her curiosity, but uncovers a dark moment in her family’s history.

Morely McBride comes across a stroke of luck when wandering the streets of New York City.

Warren Dahlin makes a friend who stays with him in life and in death.

Disney, Racecars, and Redsox

Sep 20, 2018
Ryan Knighton
Roger Ho

Jessi Klein has a wild time at her sister’s Disneyland wedding.
  Joe Limone is passionate about Boston’s sports teams.
  Alison Minami is the child of two hoarders.
  Ryan Knighton loses his sight as a young man, but not his passion for speed.

NOTE: When offensive or FCC-prohibited words appear, they are bleeped and listed in the Content Advisory.  Sensitive content will be given an on-air caution and will be noted here in the description.    

Live from Jackson, Wyoming

Aug 27, 2018
Cristina Briones
Photo by Lindley Rust

Tara Clancy is unprepared for a conversation around sexuality with her son.

Cristina Briones faces down a housing crisis.

Terrance Flynn attempts to catch the romantic-interest of an enigmatic stranger.

Nina McConigley clings to her heritage with a safety pin and a sari.

The Moth Radio Hour: In Transit!

Aug 6, 2018
Rosanne Cash
Photo by Jason Falchook

Belal Mobarak deals with family baggage (literal and emotional) at the airport.

Ted Conover hitches a ride with his son in tow.

Rosanne Cash struggles to make life work in her new home city. 

Live from New York City

Jul 23, 2018
Barbara Collins Bowie
Photo by Jason Falchook

Micaela Blei leads a group of students down the treacherous Oregon Trail.

CJ Hunt tests his bravery during an apartment confrontation.

Nathan Englander causes a dust-up at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Barbara Bowie finds motivation through the hardships of Jim Crow in Mississippi.

You Say Goodbye

Jul 16, 2018
Ash Bhardwaj
Photo by Aron Klein

Ash Bhardwaj is tasked with bringing his father’s remains back home to India.

Courtney Antonioli questions her marriage, but not her love.

Becca Stevens loses her son’s childhood and childhood pet to time.

Michael Such plans for his last moment.

Inner Compass

Jun 25, 2018

Phyllis Bowdwin takes on a silent assailant. Sue Steinacher fights USSR bureaucracy with dog-diplomacy. Gautam Narula is a teen when he bonds with a unique friend on death row.

I Will Be Your Father Figure

Jun 6, 2018
CJ Hunt
Photo by Braden Moran

Adrianne McGillis’ father's favorite joke lands him in the hospital.

CJ Hunt reflects on mix-tapes and memories from his past.

Blessing Digha fears she has fallen short of her father’s expectations.

Moth GrandSLAMs: Life and Death

May 22, 2018
Suzanne Barakat
Ian Tervet

Jeff Simmermon has a run in with a grouchy strap hanger on the subway. Sofija Stefanovic has a deep crush on a boy whose family is on the opposing side during the Yugoslavian wars. Tim Manley is failing as an awkward high school english teacher until the school talent show helps him find his voice. Neshama Franklin visits the Grand Canyon with her sister shortly after the death of her husband of 35 years. Colin Ryan is outed in 6th grade as a member of a bible clown group.