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The Moth Radio Hour

Mondays at 7:00 p.m.

The Moth Radio Hour is a weekly program that is dedicated to promoting the art of storytelling. One goal of The Moth is to present the finest storytellers among established and emerging writers, performers and artists; another is to encourage storytelling among populations whose stories often go unheard.

A Brave Front

Jun 20, 2019
Robin Utz
Allison Evans

Les Strayhorn heeds his father's advice.

District Fire Chief Michael McNamee confronts his worst fear.

Robin Utz comes to face the hardships of pregnancy and love.

Ghosts, Angels, and Motorcycle Rides

Jun 17, 2019
Terrence Buckner
Sarah Stacke

Joan Juliet Buck - "The Ghost of the Rue Jacob" - A woman rents a haunted apartment.

Mike Destefano - "Franny's Last Ride" - A man takes his terminally ill wife on a motorcycle ride.

Darryl "DMC" McDaniels - "Angel" - A world-famous rapper shares a secret with Sarah McLachlan.

Terrence Buckner - "Last Laugh" - A teenage boy comes out of the closet.

Hosted by The Moth's Producing Director, Sarah Austin Jenness.

Not for the Faint of Heart

Jun 10, 2019
Jessica Pan
Aron Klein

Jessica Pan attempts to cure her social anxiety. Nick Revell takes a nerve wracking drive down a British motorway. Single mom, Katie Houghton-Ward, fears for her family's safety. Sudhesh Dahad deals with the aftermath of a near-death experience.

Bible Bucks, Meatballs and Big Brothers

Jun 3, 2019

Alan Gordon is a public defender who has always longed for an Encyclopdedia Brown moment.
  Jen Lee has her kids attend bible school while visiting her religious parents.
  Karen Duffin is a speech writer for a powerful CEO when she oversleeps.
  Alvin Lau details what he'd like his last meal to be if he doesn't survive his cancer.
  Kevin McAuliffe visits his big brother in NYC.
  Chris Rasheed is the  inexperienced  coach of a losing basketball team.

The Ties That Bind

May 16, 2019
Rebecca Barry
Dave Burbank

Sharif El-Mekki wants to follow in the footsteps of his Black Panther father.

NeShaune Lasley receives unwanted encouragement from her father.

Rebecca Barry frets over her mother's health.

Caitlin McNaughton's feminst parents don't want to get her a Barbie.

Warren Holleman must unlearn his family's lessons when he has a baby.

Southern Nights

May 8, 2019
Edgar Oliver
Sarah Stacke

Edgar Oliver falls from grace at a military academy. 

Sheri Holman learns secrets about her Southern Gothic aunts.

Chuck McDew is imprisoned in Louisiana and charged with treason.

A Flight Attendant, a Refugee and a Preacher

May 6, 2019
Faye Lane
Roger Ho

Faye Lane is a flight attendant who is taught the meaning of gratitude by a passenger.  Pha Le's father is presumed dead but returns to smuggle his family out of South Vietnam and eventually to America.  Wayne Reece is just starting out as a preacher when a pool hall detour opens his eyes to a whole new world.

NOTE: When offensive or FCC-prohibited words appear, they are bleeped and listed in the Content Advisory.  Sensitive content will be given an on-air caution and will be noted here in the description.  

Brains, Beauty, and Brawn: Stories of Girlhood

Apr 25, 2019
Christal Brown
Alison Evans

Sandra Kimokoti feels conflicted over her physical strength. Wanjiru Kibera goes off the path in the Kenyan wilderness. Gabrielle Shelton tries to find work as a welder. Catherine Smyka and her male friend have the same taste in women.
Christal Brown finds a connection to her father through dance.

Korea, Colons, Pickups and Pranks

Apr 18, 2019
Dana Stallard
Jason Falchook

Bradford Jordan gets an alarming email.
Charlie Fatone has all but given up on romance. Dana Stallard has to come out to her family multiple times. Andy Borowitz has serious intestinal issues.

NOTE: When offensive or FCC-prohibited words appear, they are bleeped and listed in the Content Advisory.  Sensitive content will be given an on-air caution and will be noted here in the description. 

The Rest is History

Apr 12, 2019
Henny Lewin
Oliver Snure

Musician Frank Almond makes a historic discovery. 

Sivad Johnson takes us behind the scenes of the Detroit Fire Department.

Henny Lewin, a young Jewish girl, is smuggled out of a Lithuanian ghetto during WWII.