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111th General Assembly

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Legislation that would strip police oversight boards of their subpoena powers has passed the Tennessee House of Representatives.

But the fight is not over. Significant differences with the state Senate remain.

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Lawmakers in the Tennessee General Assembly worry the state would lose too much money if it raises the age to buy tobacco.

And that’s one major reason why the momentum behind the so-called "T21" legislation seems to be slowing down.

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State lawmakers delivered a decisive blow Wednesday to the idea of closing off Tennessee's primary elections.

Even the watered-down version of the bill, which gave voters the option of registering with a political party, was met with skepticism.

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Gov. Bill Lee’s proposal to overhaul how charter schools are approved in Tennessee now includes the creation of a new, nine-person commission that would let applicants skip local school districts entirely.

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It's not unusual for lobbyists and advocates to work the premises of the Tennessee state legislature, trying to win lawmakers over to their side.

But when the General Assembly holds its annual Ag Day on the Hill, it's the politicians who roll up their sleeves.

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The Tennessee Education Savings Account.

That’s the name of the school voucher program proposed by Gov. Bill Lee during his first State of the State address.

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Gov. Bill Lee signed a proclamation Thursday expressing support for Israel, in a ceremony held after the resolution was supported unanimously in the state Senate.

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The lower chamber of the Tennessee General Assembly has passed one of the most restrictive anti-abortion bills in the country.

The so-called “Heartbeat Bill” was approved Thursday in the state's house of representatives on a party-line vote. But members of both parties still express concern about its legality. 

Tim Rudd
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Some Republican lawmakers in the Tennessee General Assembly are not giving up on a proposal to close the state’s primaries.

Last week, a bill that would’ve required party registration in order to vote in state primaries, was overwhelmingly defeated. But a watered-down version is moving ahead. 

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Proposals that would target criminal justice, health care and education took center stage at Gov. Bill Lee’s first State of the State address Monday night.

The governor also presented his first budget, which consists of $38.5 billion.