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111th General Assembly

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Following the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, Gov. Bill Lee said his administration will weigh legislation that would address the issue of gun violence.

But he's not ready to offer specific solutions without first taking a "deeper look" at the issue.

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Tennessee state senators are expected to consider a proposal that would ban abortions from the time a woman learns she is pregnant.

It arises from the discussion of the so-called "fetal heartbeat bill" that has divided state lawmakers. The idea of the new legislation is to challenge abortion rights by taking an even more restrictive approach.

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Followers of Tennessee state politics have a new name to focus on: Cameron Sexton.

The Crossville Republican is set to replace Glen Casada as House Speaker after a vote by the House GOP caucus last week.

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UPDATE: This story has been updated to reflect a Wednesday ruling by a federal judge.

A new law has banned online ordained ministers from officiating weddings in Tennessee.

Critics of the measure say it’s a violation of First Amendment rights. But for another group — LGBT people in rural and suburban communities — the impact could be even greater.

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Tennessee will have more than 70 new laws this year.

They go into effect on Monday, and range from banning handheld devices while driving, to allowing one type of gambling.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has officially set a date for a special session to replace embattled House Speaker Glen Casada.

Some Tennessee lawmakers are asking the state’s Department of Environment and Conservation to do away with a large trade show and conference.

The Environmental Show of the South is put on by TDEC every year. But some of the after-hours meetups between officials and lobbyists have raised concerns.

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There’s an official date for Rep. Glen Casada to leave his post as speaker but, for some lawmakers Aug. 2 is not soon enough.

They want him to resign before then — some legislators fear Casada has ulterior motives for hanging on.

House of Representatives
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Several Tennessee House lawmakers are pushing back on calls to hold a special session to replace House Speaker Glen Casada.

The embattled speaker sent Tuesday his resignation letter to House members on Tuesday, saying the meeting is needed to elect his successor. But some lawmakers are concerned about the cost of it.

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Many state lawmakers are expressing frustration after House Speaker Glen Casada announced Tuesday that he doesn't intend to resign for another two months.  

The embattled speaker sent a letter to members laying out his plans to step down from the House’s top post. The decision drew immediate fire from the Republican lawmaker next in line to succeed him, as well as from several Democrats.