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When the Nashville Metro Transit Authority announced this month it was changing the name of its service to "WeGo," that was just the first step in the rebranding process. Now, the public bus system is trying to improve a different part of its image — even though it could end up hurting how much money it makes in the short term.

Bridgestone Olympic

One of Nashville’s largest companies will be prominently linked with this year’s winter Olympics, which open Friday night. Bridgestone, which has its American headquarters downtown, is one of 13 official Olympic partners.

Governor's Highway Safety Office

The state has cancelled its latest anti-drunk driving campaign, just one day after it came under fire for sexism and celebrating binge drinking.

The campaign was meant to break through to young men. Instead, the jokes about girls being "hotter" when you're drunk and going home with older women led to cries of misogyny.

Kendell Poole, the director of the Governor's Highway Safety Office, issued a written apology for the second time in as many days, saying the ads weren't meant to cause offense.

Governor's Highway Safety Office

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Some new anti-drunk driving ads aimed at young men are being described as sexist.

The campaign, called "Legends of the Stall," includes TV spots, online promotions and barroom ads, most of which center on men's crude attempts to pick up women.