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Homeowners have publicly grumbled about excessive noise, parking violations and mounting trash as a result of their neighbors operating short-term rental properties via websites like AirBnb and Homeaway. Some even say they are doing so without the proper city permits.


To address those concerns, the city has now hired a call center operated 24/7 by a company in San Francisco. An online portal has also been created.

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The Metro Council plans to take more time on new regulations for Airbnbs and other short-term rentals. Sponsors say they don't want to pass a measure that is destined to be overturned by the state legislature.

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State senators are dropping plans to get involved in Nashville's debate over short-term rental units owned by investors. The decision comes just one day after their counterparts in the Tennessee House of Representatives voted to put a two-year moratorium on new rules.

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Supplemental income and property rights versus maintaining the fabric of community where a neighbor knows who is living next door and could go borrow a cup of sugar. Those are some of the pros and cons the Metro Council spent several hours weighing on Tuesday night as the city considers phasing out short-term rentals run from afar by investors.

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The fate of many Nashville Airbnbs and short-term rentals hang in the balance this week. The Metro Council is scheduled to vote on a measure that would halt any new permits in most residential areas to owners who don’t live on site. And the existing permits would begin phasing out. The measure was given preliminary approval by the city's planning commission Thursday night after a debate lasting until 1 a.m.

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Tennessee has entered into a major debate over the future of Airbnbs and other short-term rental properties. State lawmakers heard three hours of conflicting testimony on Thursday while considering upcoming legislative action, which could overrule local ordinances.

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As state lawmakers handle a special session this week, they’re also holding a meeting on another emerging controversy: Airbnbs and other short-term rentals. The possibility of a new state law has localities like Nashville watching closely, and a cross-section of interest groups lined up to speak.

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There’s so much attention on Nashville’s short-term rentals, like Airbnbs, that the people who run them have now formed an association and enlisted a lobbyist. They’re gearing up for a batch of six Metro Council bills — some in favor, some against.

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Nashville’s short-term rental properties — like Airbnbs and VRBOs — could be dramatically limited by the latest regulations proposed this week by members of the Metro Council.

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At least one Nashville apartment complex has fully converted into nothing but short-term rental units. The transition comes in a moment when the popularity of Airbnb and other services is changing the way some people invest in property.