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Auto Industry

GM Spring Hill
Alan Poizner for General Motors

Tennessee has been announcing new suppliers and expanding plants, even though the auto industry as a whole is facing declining sales and shifting tastes.

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It was a tough month for cars sales, and those built in Tennessee were at both ends of the spectrum.

Nissan, which produces many of its models in Tennessee, saw a 3 percent drop across the board.

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A Chinese auto supplier is opening its first American plant in Lewisburg.

Minth Group, which builds plastic components and body parts for the major automakers, says it'll start by employing 200 people, and the first customer of its $13.2 million, Marshall County facility will be Daimler's Mercedes plant in Alabama. But the company could eventually ship to car manufacturers across the Southeast, says chief operating officer Jimmy Chen.

General Motors

General Motors announced Tuesday it’s adding a third shift to the company’s Spring Hill plant, hiring 650 workers and increasing production.                


Franklin-based Nissan North America posted strong sales gains in September. That’s despite analysts predicting a slowdown of sales in the U.S. auto market.

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It was a coincidence that couldn’t be ignored. Nashville officials were a few hours away from casting a final vote in favor of a new transportation plan — nearly two years in the making — when they entered a downtown banquet hall to hear a speech from a visiting entrepreneur last month.

“By 2030, every vehicle will be electric, self-driving, and shared,” Stanford University lecturer Tony Seba said to a high-powered crowd of hundreds.

Brookings advanced industries growth chart
Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program

Middle Tennessee’s job growth for high-tech manufacturing and other “advanced industries” has accelerated faster than anywhere else in America, according to a new analysis from the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program.


General Motors is showing off a new, smaller redesign of the GMC Acadia at the Detroit auto show. The automaker is also confirming that the crossover will be built at its plant in Spring Hill.

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The neighbors have fielded questions for months as the five-story steel and glass structure rose out of the ground.

"What is that?"

"We just reply that it's a car vending machine," says Anje Clay, who works at the import auto shop next door.

Bridgestone Americas

Bridgestone’s purchase of the struggling Pep Boys auto store chain almost certainly means job growth for Nashville, where Bridgestone Americas is based. The $835 million deal would likely result in the relocation of the Pep Boys headquarters, which is in Philadelphia.