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Bill Freeman

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Mayor David Briley, who was sworn in last night to succeed Megan Barry, has not yet said whether he'll try to hold onto the office.

But with a short sprint scheduled to the August special election, there aren't many people who could mount a challenge.

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The 2016 election may have only been a week ago.

But some Tennessee political figures are already turning their thoughts to 2018, as the jockeying to succeed Governor Bill Haslam has begun.

Clarksville Republican Mark Green's high political ambitions have been no secret. And with his re-election to the state Senate safely in the books, he's embarked on a "listening tour" of Tennessee that should end with him announcing his intentions in January.

David Wright Smith

Candidate Bill Freeman says it has been an "eye-opener" how alike Nashville's mayoral hopefuls sound. He says they've avoided taking strong positions — so he's stirring the pot.

"It seems as if the candidates are being so cautious that they have just decided not to take a position on anything," Freeman's campaign wrote in prepared remarks, though the candidate never delivered that line to a group gathered at E-Spaces in Belle Meade on Wednesday morning.