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Carol Swain

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Mayor David Briley, retired professor Carol Swain and At-Large Councilman John Cooper haven’t agreed on much during this year’s mayoral race.

But one issue they found themselves on the same side of this week was opposing an increase to Nashville’s property tax.

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At a forum for mayoral candidates Monday night, three of the leading contenders talked about what they would do on the issue of deportation.

It was a pointed question from one of the city's leading immigrant rights organizations, aimed at getting the candidates to commit to taking steps in their first year to combat the federal government’s aggressive approach.

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One of the easiest things to complain about in Nashville is traffic, but what to do about it is a more difficult question for the candidates for mayor.

In recent interviews, WPLN asked the candidates what their first moves would be on transportation. Many of their answers are more about easing congestion — but not necessarily through mass transit.

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In Nashville’s mayoral race, one leading candidate paints herself as “the outsider.” Carol Swain says she never intended to be a politician, but she’s running again after placing second in last year’s special election.

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Nashville is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. The city estimates it needs 31,000 more units over the next seven years, a number it's unlikely to keep pace with. Nashville's next mayor will have no choice but to face this dramatic housing shortage. But most candidates don't have concrete solutions. 

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Nashville’s next mayor will face a complicated and politically volatile question about the future of mass transit.

The vote earlier this month to reject a multi-billion-dollar plan built around light-rail and improved bus service has reopened the debate, so we asked them:

What are your transit priorities now that Nashville voters have rejected the transit plan?


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The field of Nashville mayoral candidates is thick: Thirteen people have filed the necessary paperwork to run for Nashville's top office.

They veer from the unorthodox  — a master barber, a former limo driver — to the more traditional lawyers and politicians.

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To familiarize voters with the menagerie of contenders, WPLN put together a quick and dirty cheat sheet. Who are these people? What are their big ideas?

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Vanderbilt University is — again — having to defend the comments of one of its most outspoken professors. This time, Carol Swain came out against the Black Lives Matter movement on CNN