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Courtesy of Lane Motor Museum

As it turns out, it’s easier to sink an amphibious car than to dredge one up from the bottom of a lake.

It took about four hours yesterday for a dive team to rescue the car-boat that sank into Percy Priest Lake in just 20 seconds on Saturday.

Hobbycar Lane Motor Museum
Lane Motor Musem

Life vests — not seatbelts.

That was the lesson over the weekend when an amphibious Hobbycar went from driving on land to boating across the water to sinking to the depths of Percy Priest Lake.

Miki Yoshihito / via Flickr

Tennessee lawmakers are taking the unusual step of calling back a bill they've already passed.

The measure would lengthen how long children are in car seats, but lawmakers say they're facing an outcry that it goes too far.


Self-driving cars are being tested in California and Texas, and one state lawmaker wants to see them on Tennessee roads as soon as possible.

State Sen. Mark Green, R-Clarksville, says he's working on a bill to permit driverless cars on the state's roadways.


A Tennessee lawmaker says owners of hybrid and electric cars should be paying more toward the maintenance of roads.

State Sen. Mark Green, R-Clarksville, proposes raising the registration fees for those alternative vehicles beyond the state of Tennessee's current charge of $18.75.

Nissan USA

Auto sales in May were mixed, and Franklin-based Nissan North America wound up on the low side. Its slip in monthly sales comes amid a period of double-digit growth. Nissan’s numbers were down only about 1 percent compared to the prior year, but that’s in stark contrast to the sales gains in some recent months.

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The Tennessee House of Representatives has approved a bill that would prevent people from being sued if they break into a car to rescue an overheated animal.

The measure, House Bill 537, builds on a law that went into effect last year that protects Good Samaritans who act to help children left in hot cars. Both proposals were brought by Rep. David Hawk (R-Greeneville).