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Nashville mayor's race 2019
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In the Nashville mayor’s race, multiple claims made by candidates on their campaign websites rely on inaccurate statistics or arrive at simplistic conclusions.

WPLN reporters recently reviewed the leading candidates’ websites, finding varying degrees of problematic information from Mayor David Briley, state Rep. John Ray Clemmons, Councilman John Cooper and retired professor Carol Swain.

TBI via Twitter

Among the questions that emerged after seven bodies were discovered in Sumner County on Saturday was why the suspect wasn’t already in custody.

Michael Lee Cummins had a long criminal history and was on probation for another crime at the time of the murders.

We still don't know how seven victims in Sumner County died over the weekend. But law enforcement used words like "gruesome," so the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is worried about the mental health of first responders.

TBI via Twitter

The seven people found dead in Sumner County over the weekend include the father, mother and uncle of the suspect.

The other four victims' relationship to the suspect is still unclear, authorities said at a press conference Monday morning. The suspect, 25-year-old Michael Cummins, remains in custody.

Nashville court
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Two high-profile Nashville murder cases moved forward Wednesday after brief hearings at nearly the same time.

Nashville police
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Nashville is on pace to end 2018 with substantially fewer murder cases than last year. Yet, overall crime has ticked upward, largely because of more thefts and the fourth straight year of substantially more stolen cars.

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A private detective in Tennessee is trying to solve what she believes is a murder mystery, and her method is one that's becoming more common: She launched a podcast.

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Recent Nashville car thefts and break-ins are generating buzz on social media about a possible technological advance by thieves. But city police say they’ve not seen clear evidence of changing tactics by criminals.

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The man accused of opening fire inside the Opry Mills Mall earlier this year will not be prosecuted.

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An organized group of Nashville activists is looking to bring an anti-violence effort to the city that treats gun violence as a public health epidemic — like an infectious disease that can spread within a community.