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Curious Nashville

During the 1950s, checking the weather wasn’t as easy as it is today. But Nashville residents had one unusual option: to look at the city skyline.

Nashville Cold War communication center bomb shelter fallout
Jay Shah / WPLN

Out in the ridges and thick woods of West Nashville rests an epic remnant of Cold War history. But it is largely unknown.

It’s massive. Mostly underground. Once considered of the utmost importance to the state, but eventually ravaged by mold and vandals. It’s the defunct fallout shelter where Tennessee’s governors would have gone in the case of nuclear attack.

courtyard garden downtown Nashville
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

If there’s an unexpected place to find a courtyard garden in Nashville, it’s along First Avenue in downtown. Despite the riverfront access, this is a gritty street with the sensibility of an alley — where businesses have packages delivered and where a row of touristy bars keep their smelly trash cans.

No one really spends much time back there.

Nashville mayor candidates
WPLN Staff

Almost every year, the Tennessee General Assembly supports legislation that prevents cities from enforcing ordinances. The latest example is a law that curtails the powers of Nashville’s police oversight board.

Samantha Max / WPLN

The crisis at the U.S. southern border has dominated headlines for weeks. But it can be hard to make sense of who exactly immigrates, and why.

Samantha Max / WPLN

La crisis en la frontera en el sur de los EE.UU ha dominado los titulares de las noticias por semanas. Sin embargo, puede ser difícil entender quién emigra a este país y por qué.

Courtesy of MDHA

Nashville’s Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency has a long history in the city. It built the first public housing in the late 1930’s, then pivoted to more commercial endeavors like the convention center and a parking garage. 

Lake Palmer Nashville
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

For about a decade, a massive Nashville tower project has mostly consisted of a construction pit — eight stories deep and carved into gray limestone like a quarry.

Randee Rogers Nashville

The question was about as straightforward as they get for Curious Nashville.

The MDHA training center named for Randee Rogers — who was she?

The training center is a red brick lump of a building, located in North Nashville, right across from the old Werthan Packaging building.

Nashville mayoral forum
Blake Farmer / WPLN

If you had the opportunity to ask a question of all the mayoral candidates, what would it be? WPLN wants to hear it — and there's a good chance our reporters will relay your question directly to the candidates before voters choose the next mayor on Aug. 1.