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Nashville mayor candidates
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Nashville’s candidates for mayor have weighed in on dozens of topics, appeared in televised debates, and answered several inquiries from WPLN. But one listener, through our Curious Nashville project, suggested what ended up being one of the toughest questions: 

What long-term, generation-spanning policy would the candidates champion in office? 

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Fisk University, Meharry Medical College, Tennessee State University and American Baptist College: Nashville is home to more historically black colleges and universities than almost any other city in the country. But in a city known for its institutions of higher education, they often struggle for attention and resources.

So a curious listener asked WPLN to ask the four leading candidates for mayor: What specific policies would they implement for the city's HBCUs?

Nashville mayor's race 2019
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In the Nashville mayor’s race, multiple claims made by candidates on their campaign websites rely on inaccurate statistics or arrive at simplistic conclusions.

WPLN reporters recently reviewed the leading candidates’ websites, finding varying degrees of problematic information from Mayor David Briley, state Rep. John Ray Clemmons, Councilman John Cooper and retired professor Carol Swain.

Nashville mayor candidates
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Almost every year, the Tennessee General Assembly supports legislation that prevents cities from enforcing ordinances. The latest example is a law that curtails the powers of Nashville’s police oversight board.

David Briley
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Nashville teachers will see another boost to their paychecks during the upcoming school year.

On Monday, Mayor David Briley announced a pay bump of 3% in January, on top of the raise teachers are getting this month. 

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Nashville’s mayor says the city needs more time to decide whether to purchase a 100-year-old downtown building with strong ties to local black history.

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Like every other city on the rise, Nashville’s stock of affordable housing is woefully inadequate: One study estimated the city needs to build almost 30,000 more units over the next five years to get back on track.

It’s a daunting number. And whoever leads the city will have to grapple with it.

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Mayor David Briley, retired professor Carol Swain and At-Large Councilman John Cooper haven’t agreed on much during this year’s mayoral race.

But one issue they found themselves on the same side of this week was opposing an increase to Nashville’s property tax.

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Nashville will not raise its property tax this year after a push by the Metro Council fell one vote short on Tuesday night.

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Turmoil in Metro Nashville Public Schools has prompted Mayor David Briley to criticize the school board and push for a more hands-on role in the district. In turn, that’s drawn reactions from other candidates vying for the mayor’s office.