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David Briley

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An outside analysis of over 2.5 million traffic stops in Nashville shows they don’t effectively stop crime, leading researchers to suggest that Metro police officers drop the tactic in favor of a new approach that emphasizes engaging community members one-on-one.

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Metro Nashville employees could soon receiving training on how to recognize domestic abuse — and what resources are available if they themselves need help. 

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Nashville Mayor David Briley signaled Monday that his office is turning toward what he sees as the “fundamentals” of local government as he tries to move past a series of surprising events and intense debates.

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A shakeup in Mayor David Briley's office will mean the departure of two top aides, including chief operating officer Rich Riebeling — a longtime advisor who's been one of Metro's most power officials.

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The slimmed-down Nashville city budget is locked in for next year, but council members are already warning about more severe cuts in the years to come. Some see a growing gap between all that the city needs to pay for, and having enough money to do so.

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Nashville will not be raising its property tax. That was the outcome of a tense 4-hour Metro Council debate that ended after midnight early Wednesday — and only after a shocking vote that drew audible gasps from the council.

Metro Council meeting
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The question of a possible property tax increase for Nashville households remains unanswered after a marathon budget debate of more than 4 hours on Monday.

Nashville Mayor David Briley
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In a busy year for elections in Tennessee, from governor to Senate to numerous state seats. Nashville mayor was not supposed to be one of them. But last week, the city elected David Briley to replace Megan Barry on a long-term basis.

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Nashville Mayor David Briley hustled to a solid victory Thursday night in the special election to fulfill the remainder of Megan Barry's term, holding off a dozen challengers.

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The short run up to Nashville's special mayoral election hasn't allowed for lengthy policy debates but many candidates have been vocal about the issue of youth violence. Over the last few years the city has seen an uptick in gun deaths and crimes committed by juveniles. 2017 was the deadliest year for youth in Nashville in more than a decade.