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David Hawk

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There’s an official date for Rep. Glen Casada to leave his post as speaker but, for some lawmakers Aug. 2 is not soon enough.

They want him to resign before then — some legislators fear Casada has ulterior motives for hanging on.

House of Representatives
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Several Tennessee House lawmakers are pushing back on calls to hold a special session to replace House Speaker Glen Casada.

The embattled speaker sent Tuesday his resignation letter to House members on Tuesday, saying the meeting is needed to elect his successor. But some lawmakers are concerned about the cost of it.

Glen Casada
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The no-confidence vote in House Speaker Glen Casada cast by Tennessee Republican lawmakers follows more than two weeks of turmoil.

The multi-layered scandal started after inappropriate texts between him and his former chief of staff were leaked to the media. But Casada’s reaction to the allegations might be one of the main reasons why GOP members left his side.

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The Tennessee House of Representatives has approved a bill that would prevent people from being sued if they break into a car to rescue an overheated animal.

The measure, House Bill 537, builds on a law that went into effect last year that protects Good Samaritans who act to help children left in hot cars. Both proposals were brought by Rep. David Hawk (R-Greeneville).