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Former U.S. Ambassador Bill Hagerty officially launched his bid for U.S. Senate Monday, confirming a campaign that he'd been keeping quiet about despite President Donald Trump's announcing it for him in a tweet in July.

Hagerty, a longtime ally of Utah Sen. Mitt Romney and Tennessee's economic and community development commissioner under Gov. Bill Haslam, immediately moved to nationalize the race.

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Former Governor Bill Haslam knew he could win the U.S. Senate seat.

At least that’s what internal polls told him. But the position would have been different from what he’s been used to, first as mayor of Knoxville and then as governor of Tennessee.

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Two Tennesseans released from prison in the past year because of steps taken by the Trump administration will be guests of the president for tonight’s State of the Union address.

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U.S. Sen. Bob Corker left Washington, D.C., earlier this month in the middle of a government shutdown and, once again, he criticized President Donald Trump.

In a phone interview with WPLN’s Sergio Martínez-Beltrán, Corker blamed Trump for the shutdown. 

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Hundreds of people in Tennessee joined demonstrators across the country last night to protest President Trump’s decision to hire Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general, after firing Jeff Sessions.

The protest, called Nobody Is Above The Law,  also called for the special investigation into Russia to be protected. 

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The looming vote on Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court has been a growing political issue.

But rather than sway Tennesseans, the debate surrounding whether Kavanaugh committed sexual assault when he was a teenager seems to be causing people to dig in their heels.

Donald Trump
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President Donald Trump traveled to Nashville Tuesday to support Congressman Marsha Blackburn in her bid for the U.S. Senate, but Republican hopefuls up and down the ballot sought to tie themselves to Trump in the hope that his popularity will rub off this fall.

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Hundreds of people are gathering downtown for a rally with President Donald Trump later today  — preparing for what would be his third appearance in Nashville since taking office 16 months ago.

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President Donald Trump is scheduled to arrive in Nashville Tuesday afternoon, prompting road closures and heightened security around Municipal Auditorium, where the rally is to take place.

The event is being put together by Trump's political organization, and it seems to be aimed at bolstering Tennessee candidates — perhaps two in particular.

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This post contains strong language.

Both of the Democrats who represent Tennessee districts in the Congress condemned language used by President Donald Trump to disparage several majority-black nations, but the state's Republicans were silent after asked to comment by Nashville Public Radio on Friday.