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Nashville’s downtown horse carriage companies are having trouble getting along.

Nashville NFL Draft
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Nashville’s selection as host city for next year’s NFL Draft could draw tens of thousands of attendees to what has become a sprawling three-day festival, with another 40 million TV viewers potentially catching a glimpse of the city.

walking tour Nashville

Before launching her own tour company, Chakita Patterson regularly took walking tours in Nashville and other cities, and noticed a trend: “They only had one ‘black fact.’ ”

In bright yellow polo shirts, and often gliding through crowds on motorized Segways, the downtown Nashville “ambassadors” are easy to spot. And they’re seemingly omnipresent — working 16 hours a day, every day.

ferris wheel
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Nashville is being forced to decide: Does a giant Ferris wheel belong on one of the most prominent spots downtown? The proposal to build a wheel caught many people by surprise in recent weeks and now officials are wrestling with what to do.

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It's nearly impossible to spend a night on Nashville's Lower Broadway — that hub of honky tonks — and not see several groups of women celebrating an impending marriage.

These bachelorette parties have become so prevalent that they're almost an inside joke for locals. But they have also become an integral part of Nashville's tourism boom. 


The city is hunting for a safe and permanent solution to the pedestrian scramble on Lower Broadway. This could mean replacing the ubiquitous barricades that stop people from crossing the street with more usable objects, like awnings, benches, planters and tables.

Nashville adult entertainment
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Nashville is mulling the future of sexually oriented businesses. The so-called “adult entertainment district” in downtown and parts of Midtown and Sobro has been the only area in the county that allows strip clubs and adult shops.

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Nashville’s urban planners are again tinkering with the honky tonk district on Lower Broadway. This time, it’s a one-month trial of a new pedestrian plaza on what had been loading zones. It’s supposed to give people a safer way to walk, and a spot to hang out.

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On some weeks, Nashville hotel prices are comparable to New York City — a surprise to travelers and a worry for local tourism promoters. But as the hotel landscape changes, there’s a chance those rates could come down.