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Gov. Bill Lee told reporters Thursday his administration may move the start date of Tennessee's school voucher program up by a year. 

But it is unclear where funding would come from for an early start. 

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Just because Rep. Glen Casada, R-Franklin, plans on stepping down as House speaker doesn’t mean there aren’t still lingering questions surrounding the scandal that led to his departure.

WPLN’s political reporter Sergio Martínez-Beltrán and senior editor Chas Sisk say there are three issues related to the scandal that remain unresolved.

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This year’s legislative session has come to an end, and a new wave of Tennessee Republicans scored some big wins during the last couple of weeks.

WPLN’s political reporter Sergio Martínez-Beltrán has been on the hill for the last four months, and he says the final weeks were very hectic.

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After weeks of negotiations, the Tennessee General Assembly passed Gov. Bill Lee’s biggest education initiative Wednesday.

But the final version has a higher price tag than originally estimated. 

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It’s been quite a week in the Tennessee General Assembly.

Gov. Bill Lee’s Education Savings Account passed in the House on a narrow, last-minute vote. It also passed in the Senate.

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Gov. Bill Lee's school voucher initiative cleared the Tennessee Senate Thursday after a lengthy debate among lawmakers. 

The measure is expected to be negotiated between Senate and House lawmakers, since each version is completely different from the other. 

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A highly debated education proposal is moving forward, but only after a dramatic vote Tuesday in the Tennessee House of Representatives. 

Gov. Bill Lee’s school voucher plan passed the House after a sole Republican flipped his vote from a “no” to a “yes.”

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There have been many changes in the last few weeks to Gov. Bill Lee’s Education Savings Accounts proposal.

The legislature is still workshopping the details of the school voucher plan. And GOP leaders are trying to convince rural lawmakers on the fence, to vote for the bill.

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Many of Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee's initiatives are making their way through the state legislature, and some are faring better than others.

In his first year, the governor’s proposals range from increasing vocational education to faith-based initiatives to implementing a pilot program for school vouchers.

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Gov. Bill Lee’s Education Savings Account plan might be in trouble in the state Senate.

Republican Dolores Gresham, the chairwoman of the Senate Education Committee, says major changes to the school voucher proposal are needed before there’s agreement.