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Elections 2019

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One of the easiest things to complain about in Nashville is traffic, but what to do about it is a more difficult question for the candidates for mayor.

In recent interviews, WPLN asked the candidates what their first moves would be on transportation. Many of their answers are more about easing congestion — but not necessarily through mass transit.

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Nashville’s candidates for mayor took their time getting TV ads on the air. But this week, ad buys have suddenly jumped — with three candidates making their moves.

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As Nashville’s Metro Council works to finalize the city budget, members will be debating whether to raise the property tax. As that conversation swirls — and after a succession of tough budgets — WPLN asked the four leading candidates for mayor whether they’d be willing to allow a tax hike once elected.

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In Nashville’s mayoral race, one leading candidate paints herself as “the outsider.” Carol Swain says she never intended to be a politician, but she’s running again after placing second in last year’s special election.

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At-large Councilman John Cooper is known for his obsession with transparency and sound fiscal policies. It's a skill set Nashville needs now more than ever, he argues, which is why is why he’s running for mayor.

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There are 111 candidates who have qualified for Nashville’s citywide election in August, which includes the races for mayor, vice mayor and the 40-member Metro Council.

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In addition to choosing the mayor and numerous council members this summer, Nashville voters will also decide on two Metro Charter amendments.


The Metro Council has its newest member from District 29, chosen Tuesday night by a narrow margin.

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A pocket of South Nashville near Percy Priest Lake begins voting Wednesday for a new representative on the Metro Council.