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Glen Casada

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It's not unusual for lobbyists and advocates to work the premises of the Tennessee state legislature, trying to win lawmakers over to their side.

But when the General Assembly holds its annual Ag Day on the Hill, it's the politicians who roll up their sleeves.

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CNN isn’t usually interested in the minutiae of state politics. But comments from Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada about Rep. David Byrd have brought the network and other national outlets to the state Capitol.

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Randy McNally is starting his third year as speaker of the Tennessee Senate.

He’s already weighed in on issues such as abortion, Nashville's Community Oversight Board and closing primaries in Tennessee. He says he wants to make sure that the bills that are passed are constitutional and good for the state.

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Earlier this week, we aired a profile of incoming House Speaker Glen Casada. The position gives the Franklin Republican broad powers to shape the direction of the state legislature — on everything from what bills come up for votes to how lawmakers investigate and police misconduct.

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A biblical concept is the inspiration behind a rule change in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

The new policy, proposed by state Rep. Mathew Hill, R-Jonesborough, requires lawmakers to get a second signature when filing an ethical complaint.

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The Tennessee House of Representatives officially elected Glen Casada, of Franklin, as speaker.

With his parents and loved ones in the House chamber, Casada called on Democrats and Republicans to work in a bipartisan way throughout the new legislative session. 

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One of the roles of presumed House Speaker Glen Casada will be to conduct investigations when a member is accused of wrongdoing.

Outgoing speaker Beth Harwell asked legislators to step down three times in the last three years. But Casada said he'll be more cautious in the role.

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The new legislative session begins on Jan. 8, and the Tennessee House of Representatives will choose its top leader.

Glen Casada of Franklin was picked by the GOP Caucus as its nominee. And, because there’s a Republican supermajority, he’s expected to easily win the position.

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For the first time in 30 years, Tennessee will start a legislative session without Republican Rep. Beth Harwell.

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Tennessee House Republicans selected Glen Casada today as their nominee for speaker.

The Williamson County representative pledged he will be involved in recruiting and fundraising for House Republicans — tasks he’s well known for.