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Glen Casada

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has officially set a date for a special session to replace embattled House Speaker Glen Casada.

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There’s an official date for Rep. Glen Casada to leave his post as speaker but, for some lawmakers Aug. 2 is not soon enough.

They want him to resign before then — some legislators fear Casada has ulterior motives for hanging on.

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Several Tennessee House lawmakers are pushing back on calls to hold a special session to replace House Speaker Glen Casada.

The embattled speaker sent Tuesday his resignation letter to House members on Tuesday, saying the meeting is needed to elect his successor. But some lawmakers are concerned about the cost of it.

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Many state lawmakers are expressing frustration after House Speaker Glen Casada announced Tuesday that he doesn't intend to resign for another two months.  

The embattled speaker sent a letter to members laying out his plans to step down from the House’s top post. The decision drew immediate fire from the Republican lawmaker next in line to succeed him, as well as from several Democrats.

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Just because Rep. Glen Casada, R-Franklin, plans on stepping down as House speaker doesn’t mean there aren’t still lingering questions surrounding the scandal that led to his departure.

WPLN’s political reporter Sergio Martínez-Beltrán and senior editor Chas Sisk say there are three issues related to the scandal that remain unresolved.

Glen Casada
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The no-confidence vote in House Speaker Glen Casada cast by Tennessee Republican lawmakers follows more than two weeks of turmoil.

The multi-layered scandal started after inappropriate texts between him and his former chief of staff were leaked to the media. But Casada’s reaction to the allegations might be one of the main reasons why GOP members left his side.

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When he was elected in January, House Speaker Glen Casada was poised to become one of the most powerful figures in the state. But less than five months later, he's agreed to resign.

Casada's tumble from grace unfolded in less than three weeks. Here are some key moments:

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After House Speaker Glen Casada announced on Tuesday he will be stepping down from his leadership position, state lawmakers are starting to consider who would replace him.

Rep. Bill Dunn, R-Knoxville, is next in line, which technically makes him Casada’s immediate successor. But it’s unclear if he will pursue the top leadership post.

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Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada said on Tuesday he plans to step down from his position. 

Casada's decision comes hours after the House Republican Caucus cast an unprecedented 45-24 no-confidence vote in Casada, after racist and lewd text messages between him and his former chief of staff were leaked to the media. 

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Tennessee Republicans declared Monday that they've lost faith in House Speaker Glen Casada after an unprecedented vote by rank-and-file GOP members.

Senior Republican leaders released a letter calling on Casada to resign, and Gov. Bill Lee announced he's ready to call a special session if the Franklin Republican does not do so.