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Glen Casada

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The new speaker of the Tennessee House is making the case that he is different from his predecessor.

In an interview with WPLN, Crossville Republican Cameron Sexton said he wants to create an environment where members welcome different opinions.

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On the eve of the election of a new House speaker, Republican lawmakers chose to Rep. Jeremy Faison as the new caucus chairman. 

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A Nashville judge ruled on Thursday that a controversial prosecutor will continue handling the case involving black activist Justin Jones and former House Speaker Glen Casada.

Jones has claimed that Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott should be disqualified after lobbying state lawmakers and making anti-gay and anti-Muslim remarks.

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Followers of Tennessee state politics have a new name to focus on: Cameron Sexton.

The Crossville Republican is set to replace Glen Casada as House Speaker after a vote by the House GOP caucus last week.

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Tennessee House Republicans have chosen Crossville Republican Cameron Sexton as their next pick for speaker.

The lawmakers held a private caucus meeting this morning to select the person likely to replace outgoing Speaker Glen Casada. After four rounds of voting, Sexton won the nomination and told reporters his first order of business will be to talk to all the members and potentially reconfigure the committees already in place. 

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Republicans in the Tennessee House of Representatives are set to elect their pick to replace Glen Casada.

Six men will try to convince fellow lawmakers Wednesday to vote for them by positioning themselves as a different kind of leader.

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Gov. Bill Lee’s administration says it's not aware of promises allegedly made by House Speaker Glen Casada to get lawmakers to vote for the school voucher law.

But Livingston Democrat John Mark Windle claims that Casada suggested a promotion in exchange for his vote.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has officially set a date for a special session to replace embattled House Speaker Glen Casada.

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There’s an official date for Rep. Glen Casada to leave his post as speaker but, for some lawmakers Aug. 2 is not soon enough.

They want him to resign before then — some legislators fear Casada has ulterior motives for hanging on.

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Several Tennessee House lawmakers are pushing back on calls to hold a special session to replace House Speaker Glen Casada.

The embattled speaker sent Tuesday his resignation letter to House members on Tuesday, saying the meeting is needed to elect his successor. But some lawmakers are concerned about the cost of it.