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Glen Casada

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Members of Tennessee House of Representatives' Black Caucus said Friday they have not agreed to work with Speaker Glen Casada on diversity training.

That’s despite a claim by Rep. Casada earlier this week, which was part of a response to the release of racist and sexist text messages between him and a top aide.

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Here's a question that's rarely come up before:

Could the speaker of the Tennessee House be fired?

The current holder of that position, Glen Casada, says he plans to remain. That's despite calls from Democrats — and some fellow Republicans — to step down amid a scandal involving racist and sexist text messages. But there's little they could do to force Casada to give up the speakership.

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House Speaker Glen Casada issued a written apology Wednesday for a series of racist and sexist texts between him and a top aide and put out an "action plan" meant to restore trust in his office — all in an effort to head off a serious challenge to his leadership.

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Black lawmakers in the state legislature are calling for an independent investigation into text messages sent by House Speaker Glen Casada and his now former chief of staff, as well as a claim the aide may have falsified evidence used against a political opponent.

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A top aide in the Tennessee House resigned Monday evening after a tumultous series of revelations and accusations against him.

Some of the accusations could also implicate his boss, House Speaker Glen Casada.

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Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada is denying that he received racist text messages from his chief of staff.

Earlier this week, NewsChannel 5 reported it had obtained texts showing Cade Cothren disparaged African Americans, including using a racial meme in an exchange with Casada. Other texts allegedly show Cothren using a racial epithet and referring to black people as "idiots."

House of Representatives
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The Tennessee legislature has officially adjourned for the year. But the last day was a mix of controversy, chaos and impasse over a major health initiative.

Lawmakers in the House and the Senate spent hours Thursday negotiating a proposal for a Medicaid block grant — a lump sum to provide healthcare to low-income people.

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It’s been quite a week in the Tennessee General Assembly.

Gov. Bill Lee’s Education Savings Account passed in the House on a narrow, last-minute vote. It also passed in the Senate.

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A highly debated education proposal is moving forward, but only after a dramatic vote Tuesday in the Tennessee House of Representatives. 

Gov. Bill Lee’s school voucher plan passed the House after a sole Republican flipped his vote from a “no” to a “yes.”

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A Knoxville Democrat has been accued of sexual misconduct, but it's unclear what penalties or scrutiny he faces.

State Rep. Rick Staples says the allegations from an unnamed woman involved in Democratic politics are "politically motivated." The woman claims Staples held onto her waist during a meeting in his office, after making inappropriate comments about her appearance on multiple occasions.