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The Metro Nashville Police Department has formed a specialized task force to enhance its efforts to fight gun crime. City officials say the new unit includes federal agents and focus on figuring out whether a firearm is linked to multiple crimes. 

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The quadruple-murder at a Waffle House in Antioch has thrust Nashville Mayor David Briley into his first public tragedy since taking office — and in its wake he has called for tighter gun control.

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The killing of four people at a Waffle House in Antioch is exposing the frequent breakdown between the law enforcement agencies that regulate gun ownership.

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Metro Nashville Police say the suspect in Sunday morning's shooting at a Waffle House in Antioch had his guns confiscated last year after being caught inside a restricted area at the White House.

Travis Reinking, 29, is still at large, and police say he still may have two guns in his possession. Police believe he fled on foot and remains shirtless but is now wearing pants.

Nashville school walkout
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Nashville high school students marched and chanted Friday against school shootings and in favor of five specific gun control measures as part of a nationwide day of walkouts.

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State lawmakers voted down a measure Tuesday that would've allowed teachers in schools across Tennessee to go armed.

The proposal had picked up steam after February's mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. But even some pro-gun rights legislators seemed to doubt it made much practical sense.

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The leader of the state House of Representatives is calling on a Middle Tennessee lawmaker to step down amid allegations that he made sexual advances toward three teenage girls while working as a basketball coach thirty years ago.

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A measure that would have slashed the penalties for carrying a handgun illegally has died in the state legislature.

The Tennessee Senate's Judiciary quietly killed Senate Bill 2427 on Wednesday by declining to take it up for debate.

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A measure that could open the door for teachers to be armed in Tennessee is starting to make its way through the state legislature, after a panel voted along party lines Wednesday to let some educators carry, if their districts will give them permission.

But the proposal may be a strategy to get more professional police in the schools, rather than actually giving teachers guns.


Last year's shooting at a country music festival in Las Vegas raised the prominence of a particular accessory used in that killing — bump stocks, which allow semi-automatic rifles to fire at rates comparable to machine guns.

Now in the wake of the Parkland, Fla., massacre, Tennessee lawmakers are considering cracking down on them.