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Nashville’s pre-K education program has been ranked in the top five among the country’s largest cities by CityHealth, a new initiative by the Beaumont Foundation and Kaiser Permanente.

In its second annual report, the organization graded the cities on nine components. The group included pre-K in their study because it believes access to a high quality early education leads to longterm improvements in public health.

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Since mid-February, four cases of mumps have been reported at Vanderbilt University — even though the school says every student on campus is vaccinated. 

The mumps have been nearly eliminated from the U.S. for decades, but there are still outbreaks. According to the CDC, over 900 cases have been reported this year alone, including one at Belmont and the four at Vanderbilt.

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It had been a quiet season for the flu in Middle Tennessee until Tuesday. Then, by midday on Wednesday, 60 people had been hospitalized with laboratory confirmed cases of influenza, meaning scores more are sick, just not so ill that they go to the hospital.

Tennessee death certificate
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A massive over-reporting of Tennessee’s fatal accidental shootings has drawn attention to how state officials count gun deaths, revealing that there’s often a gap between how the public might refer to an “accident” and the standard used by medical examiners.

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Traci Corrigan of Clarksville has been waiting for a call since April when she was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. This 49-year-old mother of two needs a new liver. So she hasn't left town. And her cell phone is always charged.

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If you don’t do theatre or improv comedy, kindergarten was probably the last time you stood around in a circle acting silly with other people — unless you practice laughter yoga. Those in Nashville who do say it has medical benefits, which have even been studied by a Vanderbilt University researcher.    

Tennessee Kids Count
Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth

Tennessee gets an annual checkup on the well-being of its children. And this year, the “Kids Count” report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation puts the state among the worst in the nation for economic factors — ranked 42 of 50.

Nashville school meal

Nashville schools are offering free lunches this summer to anyone under age 18 — no matter their income — in an expansion of the annual summer feeding program.

Metro General Hospital
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In hosting town hall meetings the past two weeks, Nashville’s Metro General Hospital has been hearing testimonials from patients. But hospital leaders have also used the moment to tout reforms — and they believe they can attract new patients who choose to be there, instead of as a last resort.

Metro General Hospital
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Nashville’s “safety net” hospital — Metro General at Meharry — has undergone a series of blistering budget hearings over its continued dependence on city funding. But instead of shying away, the hospital launched a series of town hall meetings to hear patient testimonials.