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Tennesseans shoulder more medical debt than the rest of the country, and the heaviest burden is where there are high rates of uninsured people, according to the latest in a series of reports from the Sycamore Institute.

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The payout is pocket change for everyone whose data was compromised. But a multi-state cash settlement, including 40,000 Tennessee residents, represents a new era in enforcement of the nation's health care privacy laws.

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Republicans in the Tennessee House of Representatives vowed to make free-market reforms in health care this year. The agenda was ambitious — reduce surprise billing, incentivize patients to be more cost conscious and deregulate the hospital industry.

In the end, some legislation stalled out, some was substantially watered down, but patients may still see some change.

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Franklin-based Acadia Healthcare is retrenching after ousting its chairman in December. Under Joey Jacobs, it became one of the largest operators of psychiatric hospitals and addiction clinics in the country. But Acadia is now talking about selling off one of its largest acquisitions.

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A chain of psychiatric hospitals and addiction clinics headquartered in Franklin is being accused of misleading investors.

Acadia Healthcare is facing a shareholder lawsuit in federal court, alleging $1 billion of insider trading proceeds to top officials.

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Gilead Sciences is funneling millions of dollars into Tennessee to prevent the spread of hepatitis C.

The pharmaceutical company also makes a pricey treatment for the virus, and the prevention program does not address the high cost of the cure.

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A 5-year-old named Stella practices her kick at the Brentwood YMCA, during a "soft opening" ahead of Memorial Day weekend. And a health reporter asks a leading question: "You showered first, right?"

"Say 'yeah,' " Heather Clendenin instructs her daughter, encouraging a fib.

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Imagine a surgeon scouring the web for how-to videos during a complex procedure. It happens, especially in the ever-evolving and rapidly growing world of implantable medical devices.

So now, a virtual reality system is trying to help surgeons prepare to use all the new equipment available to them.

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Nashville's first mayoral forum of the 2019 election found unanimity on the issue of dockless scooters and their increasingly apparently safety hazards.

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A year after declaring Nashville was experiencing an outbreak of hepatitis A, the virus is on its way out. Public health officials say the number of new cases has plunged, and they're crediting efforts to inoculate people most at risk of contracting the disease.