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African-American men have long distrusted the health care system, and it shows in how slow they are to go to the doctor. A new grant to a team of Nashville researchers will establish a way to measure that trust and whether it's improving.

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A national ban on smoking in public housing is in effect as of Tuesday, but not in Nashville. The local housing authority says it has decided not to enforce the new rules, even though many residents have been under the impression the blanket ban applies to them.

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Metro Police say that officers "rendered aid" to Daniel Hambrick after he was fatally shot last week. But a spokesman says police did not provide any medical help themselves.

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All of the major institutions that train doctors and other health professionals in Tennessee have agreed to begin teaching new best-practices on opioid prescribing. The state has asked schools to begin implementation this fall and fully adopt the 12 "core competencies" next year.

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Tennessee students preparing for jobs in which they'll prescribe medication may start spending much more time focused on the perils of addictive painkillers. A commission representing schools around the state has come up with 12 key points that need to be covered before graduation.

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Nashville-based HCA continues to generate big profits, even as other hospital operators struggle. And company executives say they're benefiting from the competitive labor market.

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The Trump Administration's top doctor overseeing the opioid crisis says Tennessee has led the nation in tracking and responding to drug dependent babies. He's in Nashville along with First Lady Melania Trump for an event on neonatal abstinence syndrome at Vanderbilt.

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Tennessee's next governor could likely oversee a sizeable legal settlement with drug makers related to the opioid crisis. But when the state got a windfall from a settlement with tobacco companies in 1998, very little of the money went into programs that help farmers stop producing tobacco or help people quit smoking.

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The proposed buyout of LifePoint Health, a hospital operator based in Brentwood, sheds some light on the state of rural health care: Analysts say companies that run small-town hospitals have to be leaner and more nimble.

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Doctors can appear superhuman. They’ve made it through the gauntlet of medical school and residency. They make more money than most people. Statistically, they’re healthier.

But there’s a dark side to the profession that has been largely veiled — even from doctors themselves: They are far more likely to take their own lives.