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Tennessee doctors are getting a crash course in the state's new restrictions on opioids ahead of the law taking effect July 1. Physicians are concerned about new liability since the prescribing rules do away with much of their discretion.

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Bonnaroo is not the ideal setting for someone in recovery from addiction. Every year, there are dozens of drug arrests, sometimes big ones, and alcohol-related illnesses or even hospitalizations. But hundreds of sober concert-goers now gather each year to enjoy the music substance-free.

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The board that oversees Nashville General Hospital is in turmoil. A fourth board member has resigned in a matter of months.

Michele Williams stepped down this week, expressing disapproval with the rushed contract extension for the CEO last week.

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After months of resisting pressure from doctors, Tennessee's Medicaid program is slowing down an initiative meant to make physicians more cost conscious. They've complained about the so-called "episodes of care" payment model since its inception, though doctors initially cooperated with state officials in designing the program.

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The best way to treat poison ivy is to avoid touching it in the first place. But that's tricky, given the many faces the rash-inducing plant can have.

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St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis is putting more focus on its work around the world. The research institution has announced a $100 million initiative to accelerate cancer treatment globally.


Nashville has become the latest city managing an outbreak of Hepatitis A, a preventable liver disease. The Metro Health Department has confirmed 14 cases — most of which appear to be linked — and expect many more over the coming months.

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Tennessee seniors stand to benefit from a legal settlement that has been tied up in court for more than a decade. Much of the $40 million is going to help elderly people with debilitating dental problems.

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After years of price spikes, the individual health insurance marketplace in Tennessee is showing signs of stabilizing — even though monthly premiums are expected to take another big jump nationally. 

The difference, says Tennessee's largest insurer, is that it already planned for some of the latest changes to the Affordable Care Act.

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As the numbers afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease continue to swell, so do the legions of loved ones caring for friends and family members. And the health of those caretakers has become a focus in the Alzheimer’s community since there’s no cure on the horizon for debilitating memory loss. Even loved ones leaning on professional help still need support to endure what’s been dubbed "the long goodbye."