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hospital industry

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The largest hospital company in the country says it welcomes more transparency about what it charges for many procedures. Nashville-based HCA is also interested to see the prices charged by its competition.

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Odds are pretty good if you walk into an emergency room anywhere, it's going to be run by a company based in Tennessee. In roughly two-thirds of ERs, the doctors don't work for the hospital. Instead, they work for a physician services firm, and the biggest are Envision and TeamHealth.

Those companies treat the patients and handle the billing. And that has made them prime targets in the growing rage against "surprise medical bills," which has resulted in legislation being considered by Congress.

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A chain of psychiatric hospitals and addiction clinics headquartered in Franklin is being accused of misleading investors.

Acadia Healthcare is facing a shareholder lawsuit in federal court, alleging $1 billion of insider trading proceeds to top officials.

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The for-profit hospital industry based in Nashville finds itself among the most expensive health care systems in the country. That's according to a new study from the RAND Corporation, though the hospital companies quibble with the conclusions.


HCA is expanding an effort to control infections acquired in its hospitals with a souped-up sponge bath.

This follows a study conducted in 53 HCA facilities and published in the journal The Lancet.

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Republicans in the General Assembly say they want to increase competition between hospitals and make prices more transparent. As part of a new health care plan outlined Thursday, they're also proposing restrictions on pharmacy middlemen.

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Patients will have a slightly easier time shopping around for care starting in 2019. U.S. hospitals will now be required to publish their price lists in a format that a computer could easily analyze.

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A massive hospital chain with thousands of employees in Cool Springs and Antioch is on the hook for a quarter-billion-dollar settlement with the federal government. The payout is larger than expected for Community Health Systems, but it also lifts a cloud that has been hanging over the company by protecting it from criminal prosecution.

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A Nashville-based health care firm warns that consolidation in the hospital industry is driving up prices of tests and procedures.  A co-founder of Healthcare Bluebook appeared before senators Tuesday amid a series of hearings on the ballooning cost of health care.

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HCA is taking some of its tax savings to fund workforce development. The Nashville-based hospital chain expects to have an extra $500 million a year under the recently approved tax laws, which reduced the company's effective tax rate to 25 percent.