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Demolition teams brought down LifeWay’s Draper Tower on Saturday without incident. The building was known for the Christian crosses on its façade, and its implosion makes way for a new billion-dollar development in its place.

Nashville implosion
Julieta Martinelli / WPLN

After a short delay, an iconic downtown Nashville tower will be imploded on Saturday morning, sending off the former LifeWay office known for its monumental embedded cross.

Julieta Martinelli / WPLN

LifeWay's office tower on the west side of downtown will soon be imploded to make way for a new billion-dollar development called Nashville Yards. And the iconic crosses on the sides of the building will come down with it.

LifeWay headquarters Nashville

LifeWay Christian Resources will continue to call downtown Nashville home — a relief to city leaders.