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A plan to legalize medical cannabis in Tennessee is dead for the year after stalling out Tuesday in the state Senate.

Supporters of the measure had hoped to win over conservatives by stressing evidence that suggests using marijuana might cut opioid abuse. But the idea ran into a headwind of conservatives.

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A measure that would shield users of medical marijuana from criminal prosecution is advancing in the state legislature.

The House Criminal Justice Committee set aside opposition from law enforcement, doctors and Governor Bill Haslam's administration Wednesday and overwhelmingly approved a measure that both sides see as a step toward legalizing medical cannabis.

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The East Tennessee legislator who's been trying to win passage of a law allowing medical cannabis in Tennessee unveiled a new approach Wednesday, in the hope of getting it through the General Assembly.

He suggests protecting many users from criminal prosecution. But they'd have to go out of state to buy cannabis and to get a doctor's prescription for it.

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Melody Cashion rattles off the list of drugs she once needed just to function.

Lyrica, Gabapentin, methadone, oxycodone, valium.

There were more. But those were the every day ones.

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Medical cannabis has gotten further than ever before in the Tennessee legislature.

And that’s still not very far.

A single subcommittee voted in favor of a bill that would allow prescriptions for patients to use cannabis oils in edibles or through vaping, though not smoking the plant form. To even get there required a rare tie-breaker by the Speaker of the House, herself.

In this week's edition of The Tri-Star State, WPLN’s Blake Farmer and state capitol reporter Chas Sisk talk about whether this effort goes any further this year.

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After years of failure, legislation that would make one form of medical cannabis legal is moving through the state House of Representatives, after a panel voted narrowly Tuesday to push the issue forward.

It was a major leap for state lawmakers, but the measure still has a long road ahead before becoming law.

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On Monday, leaders of the Tennessee state House toured MTSU's lab that would be set up to study medical marijuana — if it were legalized. Lawmakers could consider cannabis for medicinal use again this year.

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After years of successive failures, backers of medical cannabis in Tennessee are taking a new tack — keeping the ban on smoking it.

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Tennesseans have softened their opposition to medical marijuana in recent years, and the candidates for governor reflect that change in public opinion.

Although none is calling to legalize cannabis outright, several say the state should consider allowing it for people who have serious health issues.

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Controlling access to medical marijuana.

That was one big topic of discussion during a hearing Thursday on a proposal to lift the state's ban on marijuana for people with serious illnesses. And while no decision can be made on that plan until next spring, state lawmakers did spend five hours collecting testimony from medical experts and law enforcement.

Many warned of a slippery slope.