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Metro budget

Music City Center
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After just nine days in office, Nashville Mayor John Cooper has struck a deal with the city's Convention Center Authority to bring more money into the city budget. 

John Cooper inauguration
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There's no mystery about the top priority for the new Nashville Metro Council: Finding the money to pay for essential services in a growing city.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper
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New Nashville Mayor John Cooper says he started his first day in office working on his top priorities, including taking meetings with the Metro Schools director and the Metro Finance Department.

As he spoke to reporters at 9 a.m. Monday, the new mayor also made staff announcements and triggered some surprise when responding to a question about the city's new Major League Soccer stadium.

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Some highly unpopular cuts could be on the horizon for the Metro government, as a letter from the finance director says the city is examining a potential funding hole of $41 million.

Metro Nashville Network

Nashville will not raise its property tax this year after a push by the Metro Council fell one vote short on Tuesday night.

Metro Council Nashville
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The debate over raising property taxes in Nashville took another twist on Monday as two influential members of the Metro Council said they’ll now work together to try to pass a property tax increase.

Nashville Metro Council
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Update: New developments on Monday morning include key changes to two proposals. Please read the latest: Nashville Tax Battle Hardens As Influential Council Members Team Up Against Mayor

Nashville’s leaders have set themselves up for an epic budget showdown this week, with five different budget proposals up for debate at the Metro Council.

Metro Council meeting
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For the second straight year, Nashville teachers and city employees are asking the Metro Council to raise the property tax.

mayoral candidates
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As Nashville’s Metro Council works to finalize the city budget, members will be debating whether to raise the property tax. As that conversation swirls — and after a succession of tough budgets — WPLN asked the four leading candidates for mayor whether they’d be willing to allow a tax hike once elected.

Nashville MTA bus photo
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Despite widespread agreement that Nashville’s public transportation needs improvements, the city’s WeGo bus system will need to reduce services this year — and raise bus fares — if the mayor’s proposed budget is approved as it now stands.