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Metro Council

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The Metro Council approved a substantial settlement Tuesday over an allegation of police misconduct. It's one of the larger payouts in nearly a decade, mainly because the woman arrested fought every step of the way.

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The Metro Council advanced the ordinances required to build a new stadium for a Major League Soccer team Tuesday night and abandoned efforts to put the project up for a vote as a ballot initiative.

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Hundreds — and potentially thousands — of dockless electric scooters could be back on Nashville streets before the end of the year.

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And then it was a Wednesday.

A marathon 7-hour meeting of the Metro Council forced members to flip their calendars from Tuesday night to the next morning, after more than 100 residents spoke during public hearings on an array of controversial subjects.

Here’s (some of) what happened, and how the council voted, on high-interest matters.

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It appears likely that Nashville voters will be asked to decide this fall on whether to extend the term limits for Metro Council members.

That's one of six proposed changes to the county charter that are now being reviewed.

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Nashville’s city council is hoping to limit the damage of future flooding along the banks of the Cumberland River. If finalized this week, the city will strengthen a rule that prevents new homes from being constructed within 50 feet of the Cumberland.

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Update: This story has been updated to reflect new information from the Office of Metro's Finance Director, which says all Core Civic investments were sold in November 2016. 

Metro Council members on Tuesday will vote on a measure asking the city to stop investing money from its employee pension fund into for-profit prisons.

Councilwoman Erica Gilmore says Nashville has close to $1 million invested in CoreCivic — the nation’s second largest private prison company — which also has its headquarters in Nashville. The city disputes that claim.

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Nashville’s longstanding rules about how the public can make comments at Metro Council meetings will undergo a significant change Tuesday. An open comment portion will be added near the beginning of the meeting to allow people to talk about issues even if they’re not on the council’s agenda.

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The newest Metro Council member will be Jonathan Hall, who won the runoff election on Thursday to take over the District 1 seat that represents Bordeaux, Joelton, Bells Bend and Scottsboro.

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Nashville will not be raising its property tax. That was the outcome of a tense 4-hour Metro Council debate that ended after midnight early Wednesday — and only after a shocking vote that drew audible gasps from the council.