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When Nashville's District Attorney's office decided to seek a bench warrant for the arrest of Officer Andrew Delke, charging him with criminal homicide for the fatal shooting of Daniel Hambrick, it put into play a more winding legal process.

It still needs to determine what type of homicide Delke will be charged with, if any.

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Daniel Hambrick's family says homicide charges brought last week against Metro Nashville Officer Andrew Delke, who fatally shot Hambrick, are a “good first step.”

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The Metro Council approved a substantial settlement Tuesday over an allegation of police misconduct. It's one of the larger payouts in nearly a decade, mainly because the woman arrested fought every step of the way.

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The relationship between James Cayce residents and Nashville police is a tenuous one. In this story, we explore two defining moments in Cayce: A viral cell phone video of a police officer being assaulted, and the most controversial police shooting in the city’s recent history.

Both were caught on camera. And both reveal the strain between the people who live in Cayce and the people who patrol it.

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In the wake of Nashville's second fatal police shooting in 18 months, Mayor David Briley says he's bringing in outside help to work on reforming the city's approach to policing. The initiative has been slow to get off the ground, but those involved say it's ramping up.

WARNING: This post contains graphic video.

The Davidson County district attorney released footage of the fatal shooting of Daniel Hambrick by Nashville Police Officer Andrew Delke.

The video was taken by cameras on July 26, 2018, in the John Henry Hale apartment complex and the nearby Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet High School.

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Nashville Mayor David Briley’s response to the shooting of Daniel Hambrick and Wednesday's release of videos that show him fleeing police drew criticisms from several groups, including those who are pushing for a ballot measure to create a community oversight board that would review such incidents.

Some Metro council members and community organizers are also questioning the leadership of the Metro Nashville Police Department.

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Davidson County District Attorney's Office

Nashville authorities released new surveillance video footage Wednesday that shows a fatal shooting by a city police officer on July 26.

The lawyer representing the victim's family, after seeing the videos for the first time, told WPLN that they want the officer to be fired. Meanwhile, Nashville's mayor is urging patience as the investigation unfolds.

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Less than 24 hours after a black man was fatally shot by a Metro Police officer in North Nashville, community members, police and city officials gathered to discuss the incident.

But the police had little to say. That's because they are not the ones in charge of investigating this shooting; the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is.

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The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says it has found a video showing some of the incident that ended with a man being shot by a police officer last night in North Nashville.

But questions remain about whether 25-year-old Daniel Hambrick was carrying a gun, as well as other key details. Nashville's mayor cautions to "not rush to judgment."