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Metro Parks

Chas Sisk / WPLN

Metro Parks is in the early stages of exploring the process of moving a Confederate monument to another section of Centennial Park.

The board is scheduled discuss the issue at its Aug. 6 meeting.

Farrell Road Warner Park Nashville
Olivia Rhee / WPLN

When hiking along one of the trails in Percy Warner Park, visitors may come across a wooden, waist-high sign that reads “Farrell Road.” It stands right next to the wide dirt path widely known as the Warner Woods Trail.

It appears to be anything but a road.

Nashville greenway
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

Six of Nashville’s greenways remain flooded and partially closed to joggers and bicyclists.

With more rain coming, officials say they could stay that way for a while.

Centennial Park Nashville
Metro Arts Commission

Most visitors to Nashville’s Centennial Park can guess what the main attraction is: The Parthenon. Towering over the landscape, it catches the eye of the tourist and casts a shadow over the park’s less noticeable features.

But the veteran parkgoer knows that there are other, smaller treasures scattered across Centennial’s grassy lawns.

steam engine 576
Nashville Steam Preservation Society

A Nashville preservation group has the go-ahead to relocate and restore a famed locomotive that has long idled in Centennial Park. The 1940s steam engine has drawn visitors and been featured on country music album covers, but the intent now is to get it chugging again for tourism trips between Nashville and Watertown.

Church Street Park
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

A Nashville developer’s unusual request to swap downtown properties with the city has raised several vexing questions for decision-makers. One surfaced prominently during a public hearing last week: Would it be fair for Metro to approve the deal without first hearing other proposals?

Jay Shah / WPLN

Metro government has a master plan to create a 'regional anchor park' for a part of Davidson county that has often felt neglected.

Nashville survey chart
Nashville Mayor's Office

A new survey of Nashvillians will provide fodder for a series of town-hall meetings that begin Thursday at Maplewood High School.

Mayor David Briley is bringing together residents with elected officials and department heads for six events in the next month (full list and RSVP here).

Harpeth River Greenway
Rex Hammock / Flickr

A forested property that borders the Harpeth River in Bellevue will become a public park, in what one city official calls a "huge" gift.

The long-coveted 51-acre property will be donated to Metro Parks by The Dorothy Cate and Thomas F. Frist Foundation.

Lock One Park Nashville
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

Lock One Park may be one of Nashville’s smallest parks, but it combines easy access to the Cumberland River with a surprising skyline view — and early 1900s stone ruins that lend an air of mystery.