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Metro Public Works

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Nashville leaders are expanding a review of contract companies that do large amounts of architecture and engineering work for the city.

Nashville recycling
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One of Nashville’s longstanding wishlist items is finally becoming a reality. Starting next year, curbside recycling will increase in frequency to every-other-week pickups.

25 mph sign
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Editor's note: This story has been corrected to accurately describe the stance of advocacy group Walk Bike Nashville.

The baseline speed limit for Nashville neighborhoods may be lowered countywide this year. Officials are preparing to study whether 25 mph — down from 30 — would be a safer standard.

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The city of Nashville now knows better than ever what bothers its residents.

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When Nashville residents drop off their glass bottles, paint cans and old batteries to recycle, they can now also bring food scraps.

Nashville glass recycling
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Inquiring minds — especially newcomers to Nashville — often wonder about the city’s recycling program. Now, spurred by a question submitted to WPLN’s Curious Nashville, there’s some news about an expansion of glass recycling and an explanation of its history here.