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Metro Schools

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Nashville Mayor David Briley dedicated the largest amount of time in his State of Metro speech on Tuesday to discussing the public school system, which he called his top priority.

Briley also showed he’s willing to use sharp words to try to influence the district’s leaders. But there’s only so much the mayor can do for the schools on his own.

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Hillsboro High School is hard to miss. The tall, white building trimmed in green sits across from the Mall at Green Hills. And front and center, high above the ground, is the school’s iconic exterior clock.

Tennessee School Blind segregation history
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A rare, segregation-era school building near downtown Nashville will likely be demolished to make way for a new home to an arts-centric high school.

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Tennessee doctors are beginning to see the annual back-to-school wave of kids needing booster shots — and it's usually seventh graders who need some extra prodding to get the required shots in Nashville schools.

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Nashville's in-school clinics for teachers and their families are successfully reducing health care costs. According to a new study led by the nonprofit RAND Corporation, primary care delivered within Metro Schools saves more than $700 a year for every teacher who uses it.

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There's a persistent disagreement between Nashville Mayor David Briley and Director of Schools Shawn Joseph: The mayor did not include the full funding request from the schools in his proposed budget, and recently issued statements from the two leaders show they're at odds.

Nashville schools desegregation
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When Nashville schools began to integrate in 1957, first graders walked through angry white mobs. 

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Nashville has received $15 million to help out some of its public magnet schools. The U.S. Department of Education grant will get distributed among five elementary schools with large Hispanic or African American populations.

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Every bus route in the Metro School district will have a driver on the first day of school. This is a major improvement from last year, when Metro’s transportation system was one of the nation’s most understaffed. 

Nashville classroom nurses
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As it stands, Nashville students who get sick or injured may not have a nurse to run to. A proposal made Wednesday seeks to change this by stationing nurses in every Metro School.