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Mike Bell

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A two-day hearing on a bill that would essentially ban all abortions in Tennessee ended with high tensions and complaints about a lack of diversity in the witness list.

Out of 21 people who talked about the measure, only one was an African American woman.

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Hundreds of activists filled the state legislative building Monday, as lawmakers discussed a bill that would effectively ban all abortions.

The debate around the measure this week highlighted a split within the pro-life movement.

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Later this summer, Tennessee lawmakers will be trying again to find ways to tighten access to abortion in the state.

This comes amid a wave of anti-abortion laws enacted in statehouses across the country. But the goal in Tennessee is to come up with a new approach that would significantly reduce abortions — and could stand up in court.

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The so-called “fetal heartbeat bill” is likely to not move forward this year in the Tennessee legislature.

The Senate Judiciary Committee decided Tuesday evening to send the bill (SB1236/HB77) to summer study.

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It's not unusual for lobbyists and advocates to work the premises of the Tennessee state legislature, trying to win lawmakers over to their side.

But when the General Assembly holds its annual Ag Day on the Hill, it's the politicians who roll up their sleeves.

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Republican state lawmakers are denying they pressured the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga into firing a public radio reporter.

Reporter Jacqui Helbert has been accused of recording meetings between a group of high school students and their state lawmakers without identifying herself.