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Followers of Tennessee state politics have a new name to focus on: Cameron Sexton.

The Crossville Republican is set to replace Glen Casada as House Speaker after a vote by the House GOP caucus last week.

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Many state lawmakers are expressing frustration after House Speaker Glen Casada announced Tuesday that he doesn't intend to resign for another two months.  

The embattled speaker sent a letter to members laying out his plans to step down from the House’s top post. The decision drew immediate fire from the Republican lawmaker next in line to succeed him, as well as from several Democrats.

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This year’s legislative session has come to an end, and a new wave of Tennessee Republicans scored some big wins during the last couple of weeks.

WPLN’s political reporter Sergio Martínez-Beltrán has been on the hill for the last four months, and he says the final weeks were very hectic.

House of Representatives
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The Tennessee legislature has officially adjourned for the year. But the last day was a mix of controversy, chaos and impasse over a major health initiative.

Lawmakers in the House and the Senate spent hours Thursday negotiating a proposal for a Medicaid block grant — a lump sum to provide healthcare to low-income people.

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A highly debated education proposal is moving forward, but only after a dramatic vote Tuesday in the Tennessee House of Representatives. 

Gov. Bill Lee’s school voucher plan passed the House after a sole Republican flipped his vote from a “no” to a “yes.”

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Rep. Mike Stewart, a top Tennessee House Democrat, says he did not delay reporting allegations of sexual harassment made against one of his colleagues.

Stewart, who is the House Democratic Caucus Chairman, is being accused by GOP lawmakers of taking too long to report an incident involving Knoxville Democrat Rick Staples.

Tim Rudd
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Some Republican lawmakers in the Tennessee General Assembly are not giving up on a proposal to close the state’s primaries.

Last week, a bill that would’ve required party registration in order to vote in state primaries, was overwhelmingly defeated. But a watered-down version is moving ahead. 

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Democratic lawmakers say Tennessee could lose $60 million in federal highway funding because the state legislature is overworking its research staff.

They say efforts to shorten the legislative session have caused analysts to overlook important details.

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State Rep. Mike Stewart says he hadn't touched one of these since he patrolled the DMZ in Korea.

"It's an AR-15 knockoff," he says. "It's not made by Colt, but it is essentially the M-16 that was invented for the Vietnam War that over the years has been given a civilian application."

Earlier this week, the Nashville Democrat bought this rifle in a parking lot on his way home from the Capitol. He says he found it in an online classified. $750 cash. No questions asked.

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House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Stewart says the wrong group has been tapped to lead an upcoming investigation into Tennessee's prisons.

The Nashville representative raised the complaint Monday, less than a week after Gov. Bill Haslam's administration agreed to commission the inquiry.