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David Briley
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Nashville teachers will see another boost to their paychecks during the upcoming school year.

On Monday, Mayor David Briley announced a pay bump of 3% in January, on top of the raise teachers are getting this month. 

mayoral candidates
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Turmoil in Metro Nashville Public Schools has prompted Mayor David Briley to criticize the school board and push for a more hands-on role in the district. In turn, that’s drawn reactions from other candidates vying for the mayor’s office.

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Nashville Mayor David Briley dedicated the largest amount of time in his State of Metro speech on Tuesday to discussing the public school system, which he called his top priority.

Briley also showed he’s willing to use sharp words to try to influence the district’s leaders. But there’s only so much the mayor can do for the schools on his own.

Adrienne Battle
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Adrienne Battle takes over Monday as the interim head of Metro Nashville Public Schools, following last week's departure of director of schools Shawn Joseph after nearly three years in charge.

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The Metro Nashville school board voted to terminate Director Shawn Joseph's contract Tuesday night in a 5-to-3 vote. As part of that decision, the district will buy out the remainder his contract for $261,250.

The board also voted to make MNPS Community Superintendent Dr. Adrienne Battle the interim director of schools. She will be the first African American woman to hold the position.

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Nashville Mayor David Briley says he’s going to play a heavier role in the search for a new director of public schools, telling reporters at a press conference today that he intends to use the power of the purse to give his office more say over how the school board operates. 

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Hillsboro High School is hard to miss. The tall, white building trimmed in green sits across from the Mall at Green Hills. And front and center, high above the ground, is the school’s iconic exterior clock.

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Metro Nashville Public Schools will soon begin searching for a new superintendent, after director Shawn Joseph said this week that he doesn't plan to ask for a contract extension beyond 2020. If the board decides fire Joseph — as some members have suggested — the position may need to be filled earlier.

But public conflict within the board could impact its ability to attract diverse and high-quality candidates, some observers are saying, because tension on the board has been visible at recent meetings.

Shawn Joseph
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The head of Metro Nashville Public Schools says he's ready to negotiate an exit after tensions over his leadership of the school district came to a head this week, with school board members calling for his removal. 

Shawn Joseph
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A long-festering conflict over the direction of Metro Nashville Public Schools is coming to a head.

Members of the school board are preparing to push out the district's director of schools, Shawn Joseph. Meanwhile, one of Joseph's defenders on the school board has announced that he's stepping down.