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Your Nashville transit referendum questions have poured in to WPLN this month, and on the eve of early voting beginning Wednesday, here are answers to another batch.

Music City Star Nashville train

Nashville’s one and only train for commuters — the Music City Star — is still a limited service right now. But it plays an important part in Nashville’s newly released plan to expand mass transit.

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When it comes to regional mass transit, Middle Tennessee will soon choose among a trio of options. They range widely — from essentially doing nothing new, to spending big on rapid buses, streetcars or trains.

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If you make the drive in from Franklin or Murfreesboro in the morning, there’s a decent chance you sit in traffic at some point. 

Some people commuting from Wilson County fight gridlock too, but they also have an option no one else in the region does — the Music City Star.

"Ah, this is the only way to go. I mean, as we're riding by traffic backed up on the highway, we're thinking this is fantastic," said rider Neil Murphy.

Music City Star rail

Nashville’s transit officials hear the clamoring for more commuter rail service, which is usually fast and can carry a lot of people. But in Middle Tennessee, that would probably require squeezing passenger trains onto busy CSX freight lines — and those prospects are slim, according to a new study. via Flickr

Nashville's candidates for mayor talk about an urgent need for mass transit, but until this week, few had weighed in on the Music City Star.