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Nashville survey chart
Nashville Mayor's Office

A new survey of Nashvillians will provide fodder for a series of town-hall meetings that begin Thursday at Maplewood High School.

Mayor David Briley is bringing together residents with elected officials and department heads for six events in the next month (full list and RSVP here).

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The executive director of the Tennessee Housing Development Agency says Nashville wants more affordable housing but often ends up getting in its own way. At a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday, Ralph Perry noted that the city has blocked some developments that have been awarded low-income tax credits.

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“Black geeks” want to be heard: That's the focus of a two-week celebration organized by Nashville business and tech leaders in honor of Black History Month.

And the events this year are dominated by the blockbuster movie Black Panther, which is fueling more conversation about representation.

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A Nashville man facing another decade in prison, a year and a half after his release, may be able to continue his life on the outside.

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Editor's note: On Friday night, a judge postponed Matthew Charles's hearing. See the update here.


Last year, a Nashville man got an unlikely chance at redemption.

Matthew Charles walked out of a federal prison a decade before the end of his term, after the Obama administration reduced the minimum sentence guidelines for dealing crack. He has spent the past year and a half rebuilding his life.

But now in a rare case, a higher court says he needs to go back behind bars.

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Felons find themselves in a precarious position when they walk out of prison — they often have limited work experience, a criminal background and no time for extensive training. Whether they will return to prison — or not — can come down to one big question: Can they find a job?

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People who work with teenagers don’t understand why gun violence is on the rise again. In less than six months, the number of teen deaths in Nashville has already matched the death toll for all of last year. 

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Nashville Metro Schools is offering a bonus to keep more bus drivers from leaving to stop what the district calls “unusually high attrition.”

Drivers have been lured away by higher hourly pay and signing bonuses in the thousands of dollars at trucking companies and private bus lines. District officials acknowledge they have not remained competitive with private companies. Officials say that is their “misstep” — one they intend to correct, though not necessarily with a straight raise in hourly pay, which currently ranges from $13/hr to nearly $20/hr.

Councilwoman Erica Gilmore
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The Metro Council pushed back against Mayor Karl Dean Tuesday night and eliminated funding for the three biggest city projects in his proposed budget. The council had a tense debate and close votes for all three.

Nashville Criminal Justice Center

Opposition continues to mount against a plan to relocate Nashville’s jail. Three state lawmakers who represent the city wrote a letter Monday against the idea.