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The NFL claims this year's Draft set a new record: The organization says total attendance for the event in Nashville surpassed 600,000 across the three days.

The numbers include the crowd that swarmed Lower Broadway in front of the event's main stage and those who crossed the river to the NFL Draft Experience at Nissan Stadium.

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The NFL Draft comes to Nashville in what may be a milestone year for the city: NFL teams are expected to select more players from Middle Tennessee in 2019 than at any other time on record.

NFL draft Nashville
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Ever since Nashville landed the NFL Draft a year ago, the hype has promised a huge economic impact for the city, along with massive media exposure.

Yet capturing the costs and the inconvenience is much more difficult.

As the three-day football fest begins, WPLN breaks down the math behind the Draft.

Every day in Nashville, music executives try to figure out how much money, time and effort to invest in amateurs. This week, as the NFL Draft comes to Nashville, that projection plight is mirrored in the world of sports.

NFL Draft Nashville
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When the NFL Draft descends upon downtown Nashville on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the result will be nothing short of organized mayhem. There are road closures, business closures and rerouted public transit.

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Nashville's first mass-casualty ambulance is now operational, ahead of what's expected to be the biggest tourist drawn in city history.

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The NFL Draft is promising to be the largest sporting event ever held in Tennessee, with more than 100,000 people expected each day over its 3-day run April 25-27. Now some sense of the scale is becoming evident in downtown Nashville.

NFL draft Nashville
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The city of Nashville is anticipating over 100,000 people for the 2019 NFL Draft next week, making it one of the biggest multi-day sport events in Nashville’s history.

The Draft, which is being hosted by the Tennessee Titans and Nashville for the first time, is expected to draw visitors from around the country. City and team officials say they're working hard to ensure their safety, while keeping a fun environment for the festivities.

Nashville NFL Draft
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Nashville’s selection as host city for next year’s NFL Draft could draw tens of thousands of attendees to what has become a sprawling three-day festival, with another 40 million TV viewers potentially catching a glimpse of the city.