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One of Nashville’s steps toward a new mass transit plan will be to revisit the strategy adopted two years ago, when city and regional officials endorsed what’s known as “nMotion.”

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Your Nashville transit referendum questions have poured in to WPLN this month, and on the eve of early voting beginning Wednesday, here are answers to another batch.

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It was a coincidence that couldn’t be ignored. Nashville officials were a few hours away from casting a final vote in favor of a new transportation plan — nearly two years in the making — when they entered a downtown banquet hall to hear a speech from a visiting entrepreneur last month.

“By 2030, every vehicle will be electric, self-driving, and shared,” Stanford University lecturer Tony Seba said to a high-powered crowd of hundreds.

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Nashville transit advocate Tobi Maier says he likes what he sees in the city’s new 25-year transportation plan. But he has one major reservation: the part that frames it over 25 years.

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Nashville’s one and only train for commuters — the Music City Star — is still a limited service right now. But it plays an important part in Nashville’s newly released plan to expand mass transit.

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There’s no hiding the cost of the Nashville transportation plan unveiled Wednesday. Completing it all over the next 25 years would run to $5.9 billion.

“If you’re shocked by that number, nobody has an easy time with that number,” said Steve Bland, CEO of the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

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Nashville unveils an ambitious plan for mass transit improvements today, with officials saying the “bold, long-term investment” follows the overwhelming demand of the public.

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Northwest Corridor Study

Details emerged Tuesday about what could be Middle Tennessee’s best chance to add a new commuter rail line. For an estimated $525 million dollars, it would run roughly 40 miles between Clarksville, Ashland City, and Nashville.

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Catching a bus in Nashville isn’t possible late at night. And knowing how long you’ll have to wait is tough, anytime, without a schedule in hand. But there’s huge demand to make the bus system simpler and more dependable. So on Monday, the city’s transit chief responded with a budget request to make that a reality.

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When it comes to regional mass transit, Middle Tennessee will soon choose among a trio of options. They range widely — from essentially doing nothing new, to spending big on rapid buses, streetcars or trains.